Overcoming Adversity: A Podcast on Navigating Difficult Seasons

Happy Small Business Saturday! This season can be tough. I've had more than a few tough Novembers. Some reflections to help you if you're having a tough season...

Overcoming Adversity: A  Podcast on Navigating Difficult Seasons
Photo by Chris Lawton / Unsplash

In this episode of Destiny Architecture®, join me as I share reflections on this Small Business Saturday about going through a rough season.

I talk about my small business, (which allows me to offer Reiki sessions and coaching), as well as my personal journey of sobriety and transformation through spirituality and personal development.

🚨 Spoiler Alert: This is a vulnerable one!

I open up about the challenges I'm currently facing, including the impending loss of a family member, and how I'm navigating through it all with resilience and a sense of service.

I hope this inspires you as I offer hope and encouragement to those going through tough times this holiday season and remind you that we are never alone on this journey of life.

⏰ Time Stamps:

02:01 Rent, service, family, uncertainty, death, tough times.

05:16 Reiki helped family member before passing.

06:38 Comfort, clarity, family, death, pain, self-care

11:55 Choose love, make better choices, and stay inspired.

13:59 Don't wait, just do it now.

Going Through A Rough Season Reflections on Small Business Saturday

Key Topics in This Podcast (Cliffs Notes)

Primary Topic 1: Introduction (Small Business Saturday and the podcast host's background)

- Introduction to Small Business Saturday
- Introducing Destiny Architecture as a small business
- Description of the podcast host's services (Reiki sessions, coaching, yoga, meditation)
- Goal of helping listeners become the architect of their own destiny

Primary Topic 2: Reflections on the podcast host's personal journey

- Mention of the podcast host's recent move to Phoenix, Arizona
- Missing a guided meditation due to personal circumstances
- Explanation of the importance of being present for family during a difficult time
- Acknowledgment of being in a season of service to family and customers
- Reflecting on the cycle of life and death

Primary Topic 3: The podcast host's personal development and spirituality

- Discussion of the podcast host's commitment to sobriety and abstinence from mind-altering substances
- Exploration of spirituality, yoga, and meditation as coping mechanisms and sources of personal development
- Reference to the concept of destiny architecture and its importance in the host's life
- Sharing the significance of Reiki in the host's spiritual journey

Primary Topic 4: Dealing with pain and suffering

- Expressing the importance of acknowledging and feeling pain
- Mention of an article by David Sedaris about how society deals with pain
- Sharing personal experiences of using substances to cope with pain and the negative consequences
- Highlighting the value of personal growth and becoming a supportive figure for others
- Encouraging listeners to focus on themselves and their own resources to get through difficult times

Primary Topic 5: Finding hope and making positive choices

- Wishing listeners a safe and happy holiday season
- Empowering listeners to make better choices and prioritize self-care
- Drawing on personal experiences and journey towards positive change
- Assurance that more content, including meditations, will be available
- Encouragement to take action towards goals and dreams, rather than waiting for the perfect time

Conclusion: Wishing listeners a blessed holiday season and expressing gratitude for their support