📣 Announcing: Personal Development for Content Creators

For the past 120 days, I've been doing two newsletters:

  • Destiny Architecture For Your Life.
  • Destiny Architecture For Your Business—more specifically—your writing business, which really means your content creation venture.

Starting Monday, I'm going to merge them into one newsletter for content creators who are interested in the kind of personal development I offer through yoga, Reiki, and meditation.

I want to help you get the most out of your life and business so you can become the architect of your own destiny!

Creators Are Amazing People

Obviously, you are one because you're reading this! I've discovered the same people interested in becoming content creators happen to be just as passionate about personal development.

We're all junkies for stoicism, planners, Notion, yoga, meditation, books, fitness, health, and ass-kicking habits.

I mean, the motto of the Fearless 5 Podcast is, "Lose the Fear and get your ass in gear," for goodness sakes!

Content creators are destiny architects!

So are Bitcoiners!

Did I just find a way to bring together all my interests so I can serve others based on my foundational belief that YOU are the architect of your own destiny?

Yes, I think I did! 😉

Thanks to Ship 30 for helping me find a way to marry my two newsletters into one as I embark on testing this new niche.

Special thanks to Dickie Bush and Nicolas Cole for not just being excellent teachers, but mentors and role models. I look forward to iterating for another 120 days... 🚢

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