Setting up end-of-the-month reflections

Setting up end-of-the-month reflections
setting up end-of-the-month reflections.jpg

Call it a December post-mortem or a monthly review.

A little time for self-reflection at the end of each month can be a good thing. What did you do well? What did you accomplish? What could be better?

I like to mark the passage of time with self-reflection. I purchase the Law of Attraction planner, so it’s set up for me each month. I also have no problem improving on the design in a way that fits me.

This month, I decided to change up the daily habits I list in the planner’s habit tracker grid. I decided to simplify what I do daily. I am planning to return to school again in January, so the simplification of all life processes began this month once I made that choice. (More on that later).

Do you have a daily habit tracker? If not, start one. Then at the end of the month, you can look back and see how you did with your habits you want to create in your life. I looked back at mine and saw I had so consistently dropped off listening to my favorite morning motivation podcast, I had to assess why. I realized I need something fresh, so I am seeking something new to listen to to begin my day in the right mindset. That’s going to be podcasts or audiobooks for now until I come up with something new that resonates. Don’t be afraid to change it up once in a while!

Ask yourself what did you do well this past month?

Did you accomplish a goal? Get a raise or promotion? Did you meditate for 30 consecutive days? (Whether you’ve never done it before or accomplish this each month). Take stock of what went well, then celebrate it.

Did you learn this month?

What did you learn? How has it helped you? I’ve been reading up on Buddhist sound healing. I added learning into my daily habit tracker because I realized I feel happier and more fulfilled when I am learning! I could be learning more about Reiki, attending a work training, or trying to obtains new CEUs — but all of that makes me feel satisfied. Did someone mentor you? Who inspired you this past month?

What can you do better?

I know I could do the domestic stuff better. The housekeeping stuff isn’t my strength. I’m trying to set life up so I can spend time on my academic and career work in 2018. I’m going to outsource all I can — laundry, cleaning, groceries, and cooking. I know I’m horrible at this stuff. I also know I don’t have the time to do better and I don’t care as much as I should. This stuff isn’t my priority. I want to spend time on more “big ticket” items in life rather than making my bed. I know, I know. I Life Coach who is a slob? Hell yes! I admit to it too! This is my flaw. I can do the household stuff much better, but as time goes on it only gets worse. So I’ll pay someone else to do it for me. Problem solved. I know I can’t do it all. So I won’t.

What didn’t you do that you wanted to? Why not?

What held you back? What was an obstacle or a barrier to getting That Thing done?

What was your time waster this month?

Who or what was your time suck? Was it the classmate who didn’t pull their weight for a school project? Did you spend too much time in the car running errands or sitting in traffic? What was the largest expense for your most precious commodity — your time?

This is just a short example of questions you can ask yourself to review your month. Work on creating your own that are tailored to your unique needs. Maybe you are fitness oriented. Ask questions about your exercise routine and nutrition habits. Ask about water intake (or whatever you’re focused on).

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