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Coaching on a Sliding Scale Now Available ⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 9/26/22

Coaching on a Sliding Scale Now Available ⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 9/26/22
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🗞 Cool news! In my attempt to always serve you better and meet you where you're at, I've joined Open Path Healing Arts Collective. They help people find reputable, certified coaches who are willing to work with clients on a sliding scale basis.

This is an option for you if you can only afford $30-60 per session!

You can contact me through the Open Path site to get started with booking a life coaching session on a sliding scale.

(Open Path doesn't allow mentions of Reiki on their site at all, which has to do with Reiki regulation. I've covered this larger issue before in 2021. You can read my previous articles about it here and here. For more up-to-date Reiki regulation information, follow Pamelia Miles. Yes, this is a threat to our ability to practice Reiki openly and publicly in the United States, so please read about it if you have the time).

I never want anyone to be turned away—but since a business costs money to run—I can't offer free sessions either. This helps you and I to create a coaching relationship that helps us both.

🙋‍♀️ I received an interesting question this week and I wanted to address it here:

Would you allow or let someone shadow you? Kinda like an intern.

The answer is "NO." All-caps, not-sorry NO. Here's why.

The proper way of teaching Reiki doesn't involve interning. Usui Reiki is an intelligent energy handed down from teacher to student by using the sacred Reiki symbols.

An untrained "intern" cannot view the sacred symbols of Reiki; it's disrepectful to Reiki.

More importantly, the Reiki session is also sacred between Reiki master and recipient. I value your privacy; I will never share your information with anyone. I will never allow someone I don't know to come "intern" or observe a Reiki session.

(Or anyone I do know. This isn't a party, it's a sacred, spiritual tradition).

I am also not teaching Reiki at this time. For someone reputable teaching Reiki in Wichita, I recommend my teachers, Conrad and Donna Jestmore at Reiki Wichita. The reason I am not teaching Reiki is simple; I have not yet found a book to teach from that I consider to be both proper and ethical.  

I no longer teach from anything connected to a certain teacher who shall remain nameless. This is due to ethical concerns that aren't in line with Reiki such as dishonesty, cash grabbing/over-charging, and selling snake oil.

One of the 5 Reiki precepts is to work honestly/dilligently. Once you break this, your ability to channel Reiki diminishes. Sharing sacred symbols with those who aren't attuned also diminishes the power of your ability to channel Reiki.

In short, we don't disrespect Reiki around here.

In yoga, there is a principle called asteya, which is non-stealing. Yoga, Reiki, and all world religions—and really any spiritual practice—ALL discourage theft and dishonesty.

This is a very long answer to explain why I don't have "interns." The very practice of having someone work for free is also dishonest; another reason to not have an "intern."

Now, studying is a different story. If you are studying Usui Reiki, adhering to Reiki's 5 precepts, and living your Reiki, that's acceptable. But observing how I do Reiki is still not possible as Reiki requires boundaries.

Next week, we'll get into a series on Reiki and boundaries because boundaries are essential to the healing path. Boundaries are essential to any spiritual path.

If you want to dive into Reiki or coaching, please see the scheduling page.

(Same scheduler available on both websites).

-Heather Larson, Reiki Master & Certified Transformational Life Coach