A Content Marketing Lesson: When Content FAILS

This is one of the toughest lessons in content marketing.

One of the things we're taught in Ship 30 is to make noise and listen for signal. Thing is, I was making a lot of noise and then stopped listening for signal for about six days.

Here's the lesson I learned 👇

The Lesson:

You've got to stay on top of your analytics daily as you're iterating!

If you're on a daily track, you need to look at your metrics daily. Especially being on a daily content schedule in which I'm putting out micro pieces of content. This will be different if you're putting out longer-form content on a slower cadence.

Putting out a daily, numbered "Yoga for Beginners" series seemed to lose its shine around Day 10—but this still doesn't lead me to believe people will stick around for 10 days. Ten may also be asking too much...

But this is why I am iterating in daily atomic essays, watching analytics—and still looking at survey responses.