Take 3 Mindful Minutes Today

The highest compliment for me is that you fell asleep during a Reiki session or a meditation.

Take 3 Mindful Minutes Today
Photo by Lesly Juarez / Unsplash

The highest compliment for me is that you fell asleep during a Reiki session or a meditation.

Here's one such compliment from a 3-minute meditation I posted on TikTok. This person said they played it a few times and then fell asleep. This is exactly why I record longer meditations for Apple & Spotify subscribers! And for members of DestinyArchitecture.net!

P.S., the cost is the same no matter where you join, but there are more benefits through the site! (See below the video).


Look, its OK to fall asleep during #meditation and Reiki!!! It means you need rest. Its not a good thing or a bad thing! Its just a thing! I do fall asleep sometimes during my #meditations or during #yoganidra practice. #meditating #meditation101 #meditationforbeginners #ReikiMaster #meditationteacher

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