Blogs & Podcasts Won't Help You Build Website Traffic—So What Will?

You may create a small following with blogs & podcasts though!

There was a time when everyone had to have a blog. We'd write about our lives or certain topics we cared about.

Newsflash: That was a good 15+ years ago!

Here's How Content Has Changed: It Needs To Offer Value

Once you realize no one cares about your life story, you're free to give your audience what they really want—information they value!

If it doesn't teach something, offer a takeaway, fix a problem, or help someone—it's not going to help you build a business. A close second to this is offering entertainment. Mix both for infotainment and you have a voice.

Confession: I wasted my early blogging years writing about whatever came to mind without really testing that content with my audience.

The Biggest Takeaway Is To Always Follow Your Analytics!

I wish Ship 30 and Typeshare had been around when I started my first coaching site in 2016!

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My first site is still up, and I'm not sure what to change or what direction it needs to take—yet. It has served its purpose and continues to do so! Right now, it's more of a landing page and basic website with a scheduler built-in.

So why did I start this site you're on right now? Because it runs on Ghost! Ghost is faster and easier to use, plus it allows me to easily create a newsletter subscription. I arrived here after testing MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Revue.

ConvertKit still has a place in my tech stack, too. But if I had to do it all over again, I'd start on Ghost instead of Squarespace and WordPress, which I dread dealing with now simply for their clunkiness.

Should You Pivot To The Next Big Thing?

In short, yes.

The long answer is that it depends. You "should" be on Twitter and TikTok. But each comes with best practices and a learning curve. Look, if you suck at either or hate them, then you don't need to be there.

Your content game has to be sustainable!

One tactic you can use is to choose a space and own it. But I did that with my Squarespace blog. For years. So picking a space and owning it isn't a guarantee of success!

In content, there are many variables but zero guarantees.

Content Is Constantly Changing

Not everyone will take my approach of daily publishing, but I promise iterating consistently each day will get you farther faster.

For your variables, you can choose:

• A period of time

• A platform

• Long vs. short form

Writing an atomic essay each day in Ship 30 for 30 days in a row will illuminate where you're weak and strong.

Creating a :15 video daily on TikTok will help you learn the platform.

What's your goal? Why are you wanting to put content online? What's driving you? Who's your audience?

All of this is what to consider as you choose a platform. But check your metrics constantly to see what sticks and what doesn't. Don't burn SIX YEARS as I did with my Squarespace site! Burn 30 days. Rip through the process of seeking feedback faster.

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