The 2 Fastest Ways To Change Your Life!⚡️ The Blueprint for 5/1/22

What are the two fastest ways to change your life right now?

  1. Learn to detach from that thing you won't let go of
  2. Take a break

I say this from personal experience because everything I ever let go of had claw marks on it. This time, it was a car. I was emotionally attached to something that turned out to be a money pit.

I really thought I could fix it!

Hey, at least I wasn't trying to fix a man this time around 😉 But the time had finally come to let go and get something better.

Do you ever catch yourself doing this?

I know I do! I hang onto that thing I love so much because I don't have the faith it takes to let go and allow something better to come in.

It's part of personal growth.

I miss that car I had to release. But I also love the new car. It's just that I had everything "just so!" Timelines, budgets, and plans weren't headed in the "new car" direction. Not my mind anyway!

Turns out, I had to detach from those plans.

Know When You're Licked & It's Time To Take a Break

That's me! Right now! The month of April killed me.

Between car repairs, my dental work, the cat's dental work, the cat's second trip to the vet because he got sick after his dental work, more car repairs, sharing a car with friends, and FOUR car breakdowns...

I decided to take a break. So no new episodes of the Fearless 5 Podcast for now and no subscriber exclusives this week in this Destiny Architecture Blueprint you're reading right now.

As I Recharge My Creative Batteries, Enjoy a "Best Of"

This is just the kind of thing I'm blessed to do in between dental drillings as there are now 266 episodes of the Fearless 5 online!

This page has a list of places where you can listen.

Check out the Fearless 5 On YouTube too!

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Cheers to a Fresh Week & A New Chance To Get Back on Track!

It's a wonderful time of year. Great weather, holidays, graduations, and college decisions make it fun. Wishing you a week of relaxation. I hope you get a break. I hope you get a chance to detach from something you're leaving claw marks on! I hope you get to recharge and get to see your life in new ways.