Reiki for Self-Care⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 8/29/22

Thanks for another great Final Saturday of Reiki at White Dove! It was great to meet all who came out.  

The next Reiki Day at White Dove will be September 24 from 11-4!

I brought Reiki back to White Dove in June and it's gone well! A little bit of the reasoning behind this move here 👇

I'm still hacking away at yoga + meditation teacher training, so if you're interested in those later on, please take this survey if you haven't already. It will ask what types of yoga + meditation offerings you're interested in so I know how better to serve you once I'm certified.  

More Self-Care = More Succes

If you want to make a stronger connection between your self-care and your creative success, let me help you with that.

I know, easier said than done, right?

Let's work on making your personal practices of self-care a priority. That can be your spiritual practices, exercise, yoga, meditation, or anything your heart desires.

Some recent writings, ICYMI:  

Do you miss blogs too?

I miss reading others' posts and I admit my own posts have become shorter. This year has been all about creating video for me 👇

Content is truly becoming shorter and shorter...
July Report Card: YouTube Shorts Analytics, Another Medium Fail, & the Instagram Shock!
First, the bad: I made a whopping $0.39 on Medium. Wamp. Wamp. Wamp. My Medium earnings have fallen for two months in a row. Not that they were stellar. I earned, at most, $3.29 in January. When I shared my low earnings on Twitter, people told me I

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Next week is Labor Day!

The newsletter will come out as usual with a roundup of the Best of Summer 2022!


Book a Distance Reiki or coaching session anytime. (The booking link is the same at both Destiny Architecture sites). is where I'm building the newsletter into a future membership offering personal development for content creators. is where Reiki intersected with coaching in 2016.

More on this to come...