The one secret to having an AMAZING 2018 — I challenge you to do it!

The one secret to having an AMAZING 2018 — I challenge you to do it!
The one secret to having an AMAZING 2018 is here!

The one secret to having an AMAZING 2018 is here!

And I triple dog dare you...

Want to know how to have an amazing 2018? A 2018 that is completely rewarding, unique, and original? Want to have a year completely different and challenging in comparison to years past?

Shift your focus in two ways:

1. Create instead of consume

2. Create by being of service to others

First of all, let’s ask the question, “What am I consuming?”

Here in America, where I live, we are consumers. Our capitalism model is built on consumption! What are you consuming? Media? Food? The current new and trendy thing (like Kylo Ren high-wasted pants pics on Insta?) Is more going out of your bank account than is coming in? How are you spending your time? Are you spending time consuming media? Netflix? Eating out at restaurants too much?

To put it another way, are you constantly filling a hole? Looking for intake while offering the world very little output?

Shift your focus to creation rather than consumption. I’m off balance when I am lazy. Downtime is great, but when too many nights are spent ordering takeout and watching Netflix, I need to get real. That’s when I need to get back to writing for my blog, creating life coaching classes or products for you, writing poetry, and doing my yoga practice.

We weren’t put here to be bottomless pits of consumption.

If all you do is live with your iPhone stuck to your hand, looking at Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, watching videos, and living life one text at a time — you’re a bottomless pit. You're consuming messages and media constantly. You’re in a pattern of constantly seeking fulfillment. It’s a pattern that only gets worse. It’s a cycle. It feeds on itself. Before you know it, you’re just a taker. You’re putting nothing into the world. There’s nothing to quench this thirst.

Step away. Create.

What are you putting out into the world?

I want to hear your answer. What are you putting out into the world to change it and make it a better place? What are you putting out to be consumed, snatched up by the thirsty masses? Is it music? Writing? An idea? A business plan?

What can you put out there?

Here’s where we get to point number two — we create something worthy of consumption by being of service to others. How can I be of service? I offer coaching, Reiki, and blogs full of ideas on how to live a better life. The graphics on this blog are created by me. This is my art. This is how I can serve others with my expertise and creativity.

Rather than blindly spending weekends at the mall, my cousin and her husband came up with a way to recycle old clothing into new. (They are tailors). A friend of mine was so hooked on trail running he eventually came up with his own hammock business. I’m not saying you have to sew — I can’t sew a button on a pair of pants. Check out my friend Tracy's completely unique jewelry. (Not all my friends sew).

I can write, do voice acting, journalism, etc. I have talents. What are your talents and how can you share them in the world? It does us no good if you don’t share your gift with us — especially if you hide those gifts behind the consumption habits society tells us make us good capitalists, citizens…whatever.

Don't keep your talents to yourself. We are literally waiting for you.

Step one to an amazing 2018 is stop over-consuming, wasting time and resources. Don’t join the sheeple.

Step two is to look at how your talents can serve others and then share them. Put yourself out there. If your only goal in 2018 is to share your gifts in the name of serving others, I promise it will open doors. It will take you places where you get to meet the people you’re meant to meet. You will start waking up. You will feel electricity in your veins.

Now stop consuming this blog and get to work!

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