There's Always a Barking Dog: A Quick, Guided Meditation to Help You Navigate Distractions As You Meditate

Navigating Distractions is a master class in meditation. In fact, it's the entire point!

There's Always a Barking Dog: A Quick, Guided Meditation to Help You Navigate Distractions As You Meditate
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Navigating Distractions is a master class in meditation. It's the entire point!

This week's guided meditation is FREE, BTW. No reason.

It could easily be called:

  • How To Handle Noisy Neighbors While Trying To Meditate
  • "Barking Dog" and Other Meditation Challenges
  • The Power of Being Present During a Storm
  • Lessons on Overcoming Triggers in Meditation
  • Heather Larson: The Destiny Architect of Your Thoughts (Ok, the AI came up with that one 🤣 but it's SO on brand!)
  • Stop Spiraling with Simple Meditation Techniques
  • A Destiny Architect's Guide to Quieting Your Mind

That last one is my favorite because that's why I'm here. YOU are the architect of your own destiny and YOU are also the one and only human who can quiet your mind. It's up to you. I'm just the coach/Reiki Master/meditation teacher who's here to help you facilitate this commitment to yourself.

This week...helicopters, fireworks storms, barking dogs, a jackhammer, a repair guy...the distractions were many.

I can't go live in Walden for God's sake...

Meditating is hard; recording meditations is harder.

"So," I thought to myself, "Let me go see what I have recorded on that hard drive."

THIS. I had a meditation about how to deal with the always-barking dog. 🐩 Which is funny and ironic. It's also proof that we're never done learning what meditation has to teach us. (And some of us seem to find the same lesson over and over).

🪷 In this episode of Destiny Architecture Guided Meditations, we explore the challenges of meditating with distractions and external noises like a barking dog.

Focus on your breath and surroundings for about a minute and a half and then let go of the need to react or label noises with negative or positive judgments.

Listen as I open up about my own struggles with external noises during recording sessions and how I cope with this challenge.

🕉️ Timestamped overview:

[00:02:17] Disturbances trigger our worst-case scenario thoughts.

[00:05:10] Summary: Choose response over reaction in meditation practice.

[00:06:23] 10-min meditation w/ weekly tips, $5/month.

Barking Dog Meditation

🤓 Questions & answers

1. What is the "barking dog" metaphor in meditation?

Answer: The "barking dog" can be a literal or metaphorical trigger that disrupts one's focus during meditation.

2. How can external noises affect a meditation practice?

Answer: The sound of external noises such as a malfunctioning refrigerator can lead to "awfulizing," where one starts to imagine worst-case scenarios.

3. How can becoming aware of triggers improve meditation practice?

Answer: Becoming aware of one's triggers can help improve meditation practice by allowing the meditator to choose a conscious response instead of automatically reacting to the trigger.

4. How has meditation helped Heather handle external noises and negative thoughts?

Answer: Meditation has helped Heather to stop spiraling into negative thoughts and stay more present in the moment.

5. What is offered in the weekly meditation subscription service?

Answer: The weekly meditation subscription service includes 10-minute meditations that also provide a little bit of learning about meditation each week. The cost of the service is $5 per month.

6. How does Heather reflect on the distractions and noises during meditation?

Answer: Heather reflects on the idea that there will always be distracting noises during meditation, including one's own thoughts.

7. What does the phrase "destiny architecture" refer to?

Answer: The phrase "destiny architecture" refers to the idea that one can design and build their own destiny and purpose in life.

10. What is Heather Larson's profession and current training?

Answer: Heather Larson is the founder of Destiny Architecture, a certified life coach, a Reiki Master, and a meditation teacher who is currently in yoga teacher training.

📿 TL;DR:

  • Triggers can disrupt meditation practice, whether literal or metaphorical
  • Becoming aware of triggers can help improve meditation practice
  • Meditation instruction to focus on breath and surroundings and choose a conscious response
  • Meditation helped Heather stay present and avoid spiraling into negative thoughts
  • Reflection on the "barking dog" metaphor and recognizing distractions during meditation
  • Heather Larson's work as a meditation teacher