Top blog posts of May 2019 for Destiny Architects (that's YOU!)

Top blog posts of May 2019 for Destiny Architects (that's YOU!)

To say May 2019 was a month to be remembered in my life forever would be an understatement. Defined b the death of my beloved cat, huge a-ha moments and pivots, extreme decluttering… Thanks for being there through it all.

Going in descending order from fifth to #1 most popular Destiny Architecture blog for last month…

Actually, looking back, I am not even sure how I managed to get any blogging and vlogging done at all. This month, I’m even more busy — but with good things. Last month was a test in survival skills!

Blog #5

You loved Vlog No. 7, which is all about my consistent love affair with my Best Self Co. Self Journal.

This is a planner. It’s a journal. It’s a system.

If you love any of the above-mentioned things, checking out this planner is hashtag-worth-it!

Maybe you checked it out because I have a discount code? Worth sharing again:


I will NOT forget to re-order again! I cannot go without this thing. Also, my friend does sales for Barnes & Noble so I managed to teach TWO BN staffers about this revolutionary product.

I think I want to also purchase the four-pack of Self Journals in the near future too.

With this new Self Journal of mine, which will keep me gassed up and goal oriented into September, I tried a new tactic. Yes, it’s something you have to make some effort with. You have to move into it by at least filling in the dates and your goals. I took it a step further this edition though —

I wrote in pep talks, goals, notes from online workshops I’m taking, and I sticker it up to pretty it up and make it even more motivating. I scheduled things randomly throughout it. These are things I want to do but seem to forget about like getting car washes and making time for yoga Nidra.

Try this. Start scheduling those things that hit your back burner. No one else is going to do it for you!

Blog #4

In the question I asked myself today of, “Should I just keep it simple for the Destiny Architects and post a top three, or go all the way to a top five?” The answer is do the damn five!

If I didn’t include at least five, you wouldn’t get this blog on this list, ICYMI.

So many people checked out this blog when I posted it that I received an alert through my website platform. All I know is that it resonated instantly — I don’t know why.

My guess is that grief resonates. Especially pet grief, which we could talk about more.

Trying to become more resilient resonates. We are ALL grieving, trying to move on, and trying to rebuild from some disaster in our lives.

So here’s how I’m doing it.

I have tried so hard to stay on my game for the past month! And I have to some extent. I have ended up pouring myself into work. There was also a good couple weeks where I didn’t want to be home and I think I just lived wandering my city and hanging out in coffee shops with my laptop and headphones.

Sure, the vlogging fell off and that’s OK. Some bills were paid off — but not all. (I just got another damn dental bill!!!!)

I’m still pouring out content for you on this site (check out the new FREE STUFF page) and on the Patreon.

What I have learned from this experience is stuff I already knew — but had to be reminded of!

Don’t give up.

Just show up and try to get something done when you don’t feel like it. If it really isn’t meant to be, you’ll know, you can take a break. But often, I surprised myself by showing up when I didn’t want to. (If you have suffered depression and anxiety as I have, this will hit home sharply).

Blog #3

Vlog No. 2 for Destiny Architects!

I admit, my vlog-a-day momentum this month has been crushed. I’m working too much! It’s a good problem to have for me at the moment and I’m enjoying it. Not going to lie though — I love having my personal time off. The almost-daily vlog habit I have begun will return. Soon. I have a day off coming on June 23!

At which point…I may or may not vlog! Or I may vlog today. I have a couple free hours left. Of course, I want to spent them with you, Destiny Architect! I’ve been building this blog/coaching business for nearly three years. YOU are where I’m at! Thanks for being here.

I hope you’re enjoying this content roundup today.

Vlog No. 2 is where I start addressing the perfection-shunning ideas that made me impulsively jump into creating vlogs.

I have no idea how long a vlog is supposed to be. I probably ramble. I probably go off on tangents. You may catch some halfway decent jokes. And no, I have not watched these back yet!

Knowing I’m imperfect and these vlogs are all over the place… feel free to give me your reviews in the comments! This will save me from having to watch these… LOL! I’ve been in radio for 21 years so I know the value of listening back to my recordings. I’ll get there, promise. This is how we improve!

What questions can I answer for you in these vlogs? Fire away!

Blog #2

The second most-read thing on my website wasn’t a blog at all but a sale on coaching services last month!

Actually, this week’s Summer Solstice discount code is even better than last month’s sale, to be completely open and honest.

As we celebrate the solstice — a magical, longest day of the year — use the code, folks! I’ll be adding summer content all weekend long and next week to help you make the most of this solstice we get!

The code is SOLSTICE2019 for half off:

Use code _SOLSTICE2019_ for 50% off anything and everything until midnight on the summer solstice!.jpg


This code is live all week long until Midnight Friday, June 21!

50% off EVERYTHING in the story and NO LIMITS!

I want you to get coaching and Reiki!

Top blog of May 2019: #1

I started vlogging — and this has been the most popular one. I have no idea what I am doing. I haven’t read a book on how to vlog and I follow barely a handful of vloggers.

But this topic is important to me. So I’m glad it received some views. Hopefully it’s the people who need to hear it who are watching it.

I’m NOT coloring my logo with Pride colors for the month because this business supports LGBTQ YEAR ROUND. I am NOT doing the gimmicky thing. To be true allies, we must support our LGBTQ community year-round. You don’t just get one month of trendy lip service here. The lives of my LGBTQ friends and family depend on our support 24/7/365 and NOT when it’s the “in thing” to do but when it’s NOT the popular thing to do. Like on a weekend after a child takes their own life. That’s when this vlog was made.

Thank you.