A Guided Meditation to Help You Release The Week’s Troubles

A Guided Meditation to Help You Release The Week’s Troubles
Photo by Skiking Photos / Unsplash

The image above is chosen with purpose to help you with this meditation. I use a Reiki tool within it that involves choosing a shape to hold in your mind's eye. Feel free to choose a shape from the above image if you find it helpful during this meditation.

Usually, the weekly guided meditation is for subscribers only. But...

It's noisy where I live and my Bengal cats were wildin' out! So long story short, this was a ton of work to record and edit.

Because of this, I decided to make this week’s meditation free. It was a LOT OF WORK! So I want more people to hear it!

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This meditation will help you release any troubles or difficulties of the week as you step into the here and now.

You’ll ground into the present as you release any negativity without becoming caught up in it through rumination or negative thinking cycles. You’ll become more aware of this type of thinking (if it’s present) so that you can choose better thoughts. You’ll use a tool from Reiki in order to decrease the discomfort caused by (over)thinking about problems.

Heather Larson is your meditation teacher recording these guided 10-minute meditations weekly. This meditation is actually ~15 minutes long and features soothing music as well as Heather’s singing bowl.

With the Destiny Architecture guided meditations by Heather Larson, the goal is to relax you while also giving you a mild amount of “how to” meditation instruction so that you have the tools to build your own practice if you so choose. However, it’s enough to merely listen to these meditations each week. Each meditation gets you started meditating right away.

I release these for you on Fridays so that you have a healthy, substance-free way to kick off the weekend because “It’s 5:00 somewhere—time for self-care.” Enjoy the peace.