What do “Recovery” and “Healing” Mean to You?

What do “Recovery” and “Healing” Mean to You?

September is Recovery Month. What this most broadly means is recovery from substance abuse.

For me, what this can mean as a life coach is recovery from...anything and everything we need recovery from in this life!

First, we’ll focus on creative recovery

Creative recovery is for everyone, not just “creatives.” I believe we are all creative. End of story.

My favorite creative recovery tool is The Artist's Way. What the course has always been meant for is the creative types -- the writers and artists with wounded souls deep down that block their ability to make art. To create. To flow. Get in touch with your inner artist and free him/her by using this course. This course will give you not just the tools you need to unblock yourself creatively, it will also give you a way of life to help you connect with your creativity.

Still, I think anyone can benefit from The Artist’s Way.

The second type of recovery to focus on is personal recovery. The more personal the better. We are all recovering from something. I’d like to take a moment to honor the late Louise Hay, who helped me (and millions of others across the globe) begin our healing journeys with her classic book, You Can Heal Your Life. This book showed me, ages ago, that I had much work to do on myself and it was only the tip of the iceberg.

I am still working on me and always will be!

So there’s creative recovery, personal recovery, and my favorite -- recovery from drugs and alcohol. Start somewhere because inevitably, one recovery will lead to the next. (If you are seeking recovery from drugs, alcohol, process addictions or codependency, please seek professional help from a licensed addictions counselor and/or therapist).

What are you recovering from? What do you have yet to heal in your life? Where to begin? Let's focus on what bothers you right now.

A few questions to help you find a starting point:

  • What do you want more of in your life?
  • What do you want less of?
  • What area of your life are you most motivated to make better right now?
  • If you were to ask the person you spend the most time with what you want most in life, what would they say?
  • Are you doing things you love? If not, why not?
  • If I were to gift you with a free 30 minutes of personal time without interruptions, and nobody watching, how would you most like to spend it?
  • Are you feeling like you are consistently moving forward in your life?
  • Where are you at with your habits -- are there more good than bad?
  • Can you possibly find more joy in your life?
  • Can you possibly find more fulfillment in your life?
  • Can you possibly achieve more peace in your life? (Who among us won’t answer yes to this?)
  • Are you frequently ill? Could this be traced back to stress and unhappiness in your life? Can you be taking better care of yourself?
  • How are you doing with self-care? Are you taking time for yourself, if so, how are you filling that time?
  • Are you able to say “no” and leave that as a complete sentence?

Answering those questions can give you a guide point of where to start. Maybe you want more creativity in your life. Maybe you began writing your novel years ago and stopped -- now you want to uncover why you stopped and have stayed in that rut. Maybe you always find your time going to others and you put your needs last -- which at minimum means your priorities and values are out of alignment. At maximum, you’re going to need help from someone more qualified than I am. I will be happy to refer you to seek better help from a qualified counselor or therapist in that case.

If this resonate with you, book an introductory coaching session with me today!

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