What Meghan Markle’s Wedding Has Taught Us About Self-Care

What Meghan Markle’s Wedding Has Taught Us About Self-Care

So many aspects of the whirlwind Harry & Meghan romance and wedding have brought to mind my favorite topic — self-care. Clearly, she has it. Meghan is a vision of paradigm-busting, non-traditional trailblazing, grace, poise, love, happiness, beauty, vision, and philanthropy — I could go on.

Let’s focus on her self-care, which is obvious. First, how many time have you heard someone say, “She takes good care of herself?” It’s almost a cliche in society, we say it about certain people. I think of celebrities that, to me, display the behavior of, “She takes good care of herself.” Susan Lucci, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Chrissy Teigen, Ellen DeGeneres, etc.

Think of what these women have in common. We have no doubt they make self-care a priority through good nutrition, exercise, personal relationships, exercising boundaries, not taking any shit, choosing excellent life partners, leading in bold careers, and getting what they need. They may prioritize career and/or family life, but we have no doubt they take time for self-care. They pursue passions, take downtime, take vacations, travel, and nurture positivity in their lives. (Notice my use of the word “take” in there. We have to take what is ours!)

It’s evident more than ever as we can follow their lives on social media. Who doesn’t love seeing Chrissy play a video game on the couch, pregnant belly out, TV on in the background, having a moment to herself without her child and husband?

waiting for my turn on the carpet at #metgala!!!! always an honor!!!

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Meghan is fit, lean, and glowing.

She’s all avocados and yoga, low body fat percentage, ZERO cortisol and this chick is all smiles. You don't get that way without self-care!

Meghan has passions and pursues them

Her rescue dogs, her philanthropy, lifestyle blogging — I mean, good Lord, she’s a writer! Everyone prone to writing is filled with passion. Women’s rights. It’s been said she loves to cook. Clearly, she loves to live well, travel, cook, eat, experience love, and take healthy risks.

What passion can you pursue in order to better your self-care?

Meghan has style

I’ve learned over time how nourishing a personal style is tantamount to self-care. Think of the women I’ve mentioned above. Oprah with her eyeglasses that always match her outfit these days. Ellen with her signature tennis shoes. Chrissy Teigen — need I say more!

We all go to the grocery store in sweats. I’m not talking about that.

Style self-care is showing up to the life you created dressed like the next level life you’re still working toward. I say this as someone who hates shopping and hasn’t bought clothes in ages, save for a $7 t-shirt at Wal-Mart last month because I went in for something else entirely and it looked soft. But dammit I show up in the world presentable and professional!

Take time for style self-care this holiday weekend by editing your closet, wearing something daring you’ve been saving, and maybe picking up something for that next level life.

Meghan chooses wisely

Clearly, Meghan’s choices in life have served her well. She chose Northwestern, acting, philanthropy, women’s rights, to live in Toronto, to leave a marriage she felt appropriate to leave, to fight against dishwashing liquid messaging… and to marry Harry. Her choices may not have pleased others or been popular, but she’s never been afraid to take a stand and choose wisely for herself. This shows a confident woman who can walk in her truth.

Making wise choices reflects self-love and a desire for consistent self-care!

When I see Meghan, I see a woman who no doubt takes time out for herself to do what she needs to do. Yes, she’s a Royal now, so she’s likely in no shortage of stylish outfits, good food, and I’m sure working out is mandatory to look amazing in those figure-flattering outfits and high heels. I’m sure she doesn’t have to clean a toilet or do too many things without help anymore — even her own correspondence.

But with someone so in the public eye, who is walking through crowds shaking hands, who will no doubt work for charities, give speeches, lending her name to philanthropy, etc. There’s a lot of work there (understatement).

How can you choose more wisely in life to make the best use of your time, energy, bandwidth, money, savings, friends, and family?

I HOPE Meghan is taking quiet time for herself, keeping up her yoga, getting massages, eating better than ever, creating a new network of friends in Britain and nurturing those relationships. Honestly, a year ago I didn’t know who she was. But now, I absolutely adore her. She’s a breathtaking breath of fresh air the world so needed.

I don’t think the new levels of privilege she has gained make her immune to the downfalls of stress. And how wonderful to say a middle-class, bi-racial American woman now has upgraded levels of privilege! She made it y’all! She’s going to do amazing things.

I want to see Harry take such good care of her and keep on being the protective gentleman we know him to be. I want to see Meghan keep up her self-care routines — and upgrade them as well. We know the demands the job put on Diana, Princess of Whales. Dear Lord, I watched her wedding on TV. I watched her wed Charles then give birth to William and Harry. I may be American, but I feel the Royals belong to me as much as to anyone else. I adore them. I feel rather protective of Meghan too.

I see in Meghan a woman who isn’t likely to crack under the pressures that harmed Diana. Diana was a sensitive soul and I think Meghan is too. But Meghan is older and more experienced. She has survived Hollywood — thrived even. Perhaps moving to Toronto helped. My own frame of reference is myself — I certainly fell to the temptations of Hollywood in my 20s. Places like Los Angeles and Las Vegas were full of the kryptonite in my pre-recovery life. Knowing that Meghan didn’t fall to Hollywood drama that shows me she’s one of the strongest women in the world.

It’s her mother, Doria Ragland, who proves to use Meghan comes from good stock. Not only did she raise Meghan, she traveled across the globe to sit alone in strength at her daughter’s wedding, weeping openly, and rubbing elbows with Prince Charles.

She looks to me like Doria takes good care of herself, too.