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What's a #ContentStorm? + How To Create Your Own Daily Content Challenge

A "Content Storm" is an idea I came up with during the final days of November 2021 with one goal in mind: to publish content online daily to see where it would lead.

The decision to do this changed my life!

💡 I'd been putting content online for years—but gaining little traction.

Mostly, I'd been inconsistent. Would consistency change things for this writer?

This is the part where, if you want to skip to the good stuff, go ahead! 

Revealing The Results of My 90-Day Consistency Experiment, aka #ContentStorm 

In addition to my inconsistency problem, I was plagued by other real-life issues over the years that stood in the way of becoming a better & more consistent content creator:

  • I had shiny object syndrome, literally trying everything from online teaching to live audio platforms (before they were cool).
  • I often worked two jobs.
  • Was generally exhausted but also had two chronic medical issues that were going undiagnosed.
  • I was doing all the wrong things! So what little time I did have, I was spending on the wrong things.

Hence, I made the connection between personal development and content creation.

You need both to succeed—and survive! That's why my niche is personal development for content creators!

Get Consistent

I kept seeing people online saying that, if you want to gain traction as a writer, you need to post consistently, so I decided to start there. The poverty and health issues had already been dealt with by late 2021, so I was ready to be consistent! It was time to show up!

I had completed my first novel for NaNoWriMo in November of 2021, so I decided I could keep that writing pace going.

Only now, I would publish online daily. To an audience.

I still have no idea if that novel I wrote was any good. Although I love it, I've yet to go back in and edit it. But publishing online daily? Boom!? 💥 Now, people were reading and interacting with my writing like never before!


Because I was getting into writing on Medium, which has a built-in community of hungry writers who read and follow others. I was trying Substack and giving one final chance to Patreon. I was also publishing on my Squarespace site and testing out Revue for newsletters.

In short, I was doing the most. But also getting the least.

By the end of the first 30 days of the 90-day #ContentStorm experiment, I was beginning to realize how to hack Medium to gain followers. I learned Patreon and Substack weren't for me. But I needed something else...

That's when I found Ship 30! (And Typeshare!)

Finally, I found people who were doing what I was doing—but better!

I'd built a daily writing habit, so I didn't need help with that. But as a former broadcast journalist, I knew my writing could use a boost. So I joined.

Which is why I'm writing this. Ship 30 for 30 has helped me gain a ton of followers on Twitter...

What writing daily for the first 3 months of 2022 looks like!

Then someone asked what a content storm is...

So I decided to make a centralized page with all the resources from it. That's where you are now.

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This brings us to now.

I would 💯 do all this over again! (And I am; I'm on deck for another round of Ship 30!)

You can probably tell there's been an arc of development from "trying things" like Substack to finding certainty about being on Ghost. I'm working on my niche now and launching its first newsletter tomorrow. (Sign up in the bottom right corner!)

I also conquered video editing and YouTube from January-March of 2022. Follow and subscribe to see where this goes next!

If you're ready to meet up and learn more, you can book directly into my calendar below.