When bad things happen...

I wish I had some miraculous coach-y thing to say here. I wish it were profound. I wish it could fit on a fortune cookie or a mug.

But I don't have that.

And I am one wordy life coach...

Tonight, I framed lesson #34 from A Course in Miracles,

"I could see peace instead of this."

I had meant to rip a page from my old and beat up text for quite some time. I had meant to frame it. But I hadn't. I was procrastinating on it.

I have an old ACIM book, one that isn't my daily reader. This is mostly because I have one that is all three books in one. That's my daily ACIM text. This one is just the Workbook for Students. I decided to use it to make art.

I'm a free spirit like that. Tear up an old, beat up book and make art from it.

Why not?

We learned today that life is short.

I listened to some favorite songs on my walks today.

There were two from Rascal Flatts, My Wish and Stand. I felt those fit today. Then there was Unity by Shinedown. I needed to remember there are still positives out there. That we are there for one another. That our actions affect the whole. That we do not exist in a vacuum. I needed to remember that we can wish each other well, that we can stand up when beaten, and that,

"Your moment of truth is the day you say 'I'm not scared.'" (Shinedown)

When will humanity be reminded we are all interconnected?

There are no walls.

There are no borders.

We are one.

There doesn't need to be...drama.

There doesn't need to be disconnections. There doesn't need to be divisions. Those divisions are man-made.

To the man who shot up the Vegas strip over his problems (this is my theory), I would tell him a story. It is the story of the Golden Gate Bridge.

It is well-known that the Golden Gate Bridge was an often-chosen place for people to commit suicide. However, not all those attempts worked. Someone (can't remember who) studied those who survived their attempts at suicide at the GGB. Each person who jumped to their death realized at some point midway down that the problems they were jumping over could be fixed.

Whatever it was, it turned out to be not worth jumping over.

Whatever it was on the night of 10-1-17 in Las Vegas, it wasn't worth shooting others over.

Whatever it is, it can be solved.

Whatever it is, it can be gotten past.

Whatever it is, you can move forward from it. You can move on. You can start again.

We live in a society were we need to be told this now.

What is the opposite of jumping off the bridge?


Stand as Rascal Flatts sings. Stand and be firm. Be planted. Be rooted. Feel your feet flat on the ground. Just. Stand. Be solid. Be grounded. Be still.

In a world that can't seem to stop spinning, let's just stand.

Just. Stand.

A Course in Miracles Lesson #34, "I could see peace instead of this...I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see in it..."

A Course in Miracles Lesson #34, "I could see peace instead of this...I could see peace in this situation instead of what I now see in it..."

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