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Why "lightworker" is a bad word, bad idea, and NOT helping you at all

I guarantee you subscribing to some theory that you are “a lightworker” is doing you more harm than good. Let me explain…

You're not a lightworker or an empath. You're not unique and special. You just need help. You need a coping skill.

You don’t need to believe in something outside yourself to be unique and special.

At some level, a belief that we are sooo unique and special can be harmful and counterproductive. While there are things about you that make you unique and special, putting energy into unproven beliefs isn’t one of them. You’re not a “lightworker” or a “star seed” or an “empath.” You’re a person who is trying to cope with life and process feelings. Let’s check some of our beliefs and begin to evaluate whether they are helping or harming us.