How To Clear Mental Clutter In Three Steps

How To Clear Mental Clutter In Three Steps

Feeling stuck? Lacking clarity? Want to improve everything from your mood to your sleep? I know you’re probably really busy conquering the world and looking for simple ways to make your life better. The following three methods are challenging enough to make you think, but not so difficult that you can’t incorporate them into your life.

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I’m a firm believer that cleaning and organizing saves time. It also saves our energy since we’re not constantly frustrated with having to find lost things. I’m a huge fan of anything that makes me more productive and efficient. You don’t have to be a life coach to love cleanliness, organization, and efficiency. This is for everybody!

So let’s take it a step further and clear some mental clutter now that we’ve talked plenty about dealing with tangible things.

How do I clear mental clutter, you ask? Well, pick your method below — or choose all three for maximum benefit.

Positive Affirmations Be Grateful Be Present Be Yourself Destiny Architecture

Say it...

Positive affirmations are one way to clear mental clutter.

1. Positive Affirmations

Generations have sworn by using positive affirmations. They make us feel good and they make us feel like we are taking a positive action towards bettering ourselves.

Volumes have been written about how and why to do them — and whether they actually “move the needle.” I like this explanation best. It gives a realistic view of affirmations, why we human beings choose to do them, and how they help us. I think in the metaphysical community we tend to give a huge amount of power to positive affirmations; they are pretty words — but nothing without effort behind them. Words don’t change our lives but actions do.

The Benefits of Meditation To Clear Mental Clutter


Meditation can help you clear your mental clutter.

2. Meditation

Speaking of taking action, there’s no better way to change you mind than meditation. Yes, it’s hard. You should feel violently opposed to doing it when you start out. That’s normal and natural. But once you grasp it, oh, the benefits!

As someone who used to coach female jail inmates with substance abuse issues, I like this study about the benefits of meditation in the correctional setting. It says the women experienced better sleep, less anxiety, and less violent tendencies.

Listen — if you can accomplish THAT in a jail? Miracle. Absolute miracle.

Change your limiting beliefs


Identify limiting beliefs and change them through repetition.

3. Goodbye, Limiting Beliefs

Positive affirmations and meditation are much simpler compared to this form of clearing mental clutter. But this is also pretty powerful. It’s more complicated because it’s a two step process. First, you have to identify your limiting beliefs. Second — through a process of repetition — you learn to change them into more freeing, positive, and life-affirming beliefs.

An example of a limiting belief could be:

“No one will want to marry me with this baggage, I’m twice divorced, I’m just a poor picker...”

I’ve heard that, “I’m a poor picker,” line so much! While I appreciate when anyone wants to take credit for their failures, I dislike hearing someone just dismiss their chances for love with such a sad, categorical statement. You mean you can’t pick anybody? You’re incapable of proper decision making? You can’t learn from past mistakes? I just don’t believe it and neither should you.

How about we change that belief to something like, “I’m doing fine on my own as a single person.” Or, “When the right one comes along, I’ll know it and fearlessly step forward into a beautiful relationship.” Now we sound like we’re coming up with positive affirmations again, but I can’t stress to you enough — language is important in creating our limiting beliefs. It’s also vital to changing them.

If you’d like to work on a Limiting Belief Mental Makeover, schedule a free coaching consultation today.

Each of the three above ways to clear your mental clutter are simple and don’t have to take up much of your time. You can easily work them into your routine. You could put positive affirmations on your bathroom mirror. You can schedule a few minutes to meditate once you wake up in the morning. There are so many great meditation apps to download, perhaps I’ll write a separate post on that alone. And as far as changing your mindset from limiting beliefs to positive ones — many books have been written.

I can also coach you on that!