You Are Whole.

How could life be different if you were to see yourself as healed?

You Are Whole.
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It's not about constantly healing.

Seriously, it's OK to be healed. Recovered.

I took a ton of heat for this in the addiction field because I questioned being in perpetual recovery. ❤️‍🩹 At a certain point, don't I get to just call myself "recovered?"

So I decided to do that.

Healing has to come from a place of wholeness and that wholeness is within. We're not constantly broken and in need of a fix.

Let's look at this in a different light. You are already whole, perfect, and complete as you are. Finished. What would happen if you let go of the thought that you are constantly in need of healing? Even just for a few minutes, an hour, a whole day?

I'm not trying to play a "Jedi Mind Trick" here. I'm just trying to change your point of view.

Aside from the fact that perpetual healing can become performative, ego-driven, or even a form of spiritual materialism, there's something else that's important here.

Your mindset.

What you need is always yours. You're held always. You probably need a lot less than you think you do. (I'm not focusing on the material here, but the spiritual).

The lessons will come; there's no need to force them.

The ultimate healing comes down to only one thing:


In each act of surrender in your life, you whittle away more of the excess. You're stripping away the obstacles, burdens, samskaras, suffering, thoughts, and beliefs that weigh you down to the point of being in pain.

It's that simple and yet so difficult, yes?

Surrender is the one tool in the toolbox 🧰 that will get you farther than anything.

Cool 😎

So you just push the "surrender" button and it's done?! Yay!

Sorry, but your mileage may vary. Surrender is going to look different for each one of us. There will be things you hang onto for years because you don't let go. (I know, I've done it!)

If you're feeling stuck, there's probably something to surrender to. Something to release.

It's the process of letting go that I help with. Back to mindset. You probably have a bunch of outdated beliefs and thoughts you live by that are getting in the way. In yoga, we call these samskaras, or thought patterns.

The trick is to become conscious of them by increasing your self-awareness—a journey in itself. Guess what are the easiest and hardest ways to do this? You guessed it:

🧘 Yoga

🤲 Reiki

🪷 Meditation

🚀 Coaching

If you want to become more self-aware, build a practice. Build a yoga practice. Build a meditation practice. Build a Reiki practice. Build a personal development practice.

There's not a magic button to hit. There's merely the intimate knowledge of self you build from showing up to your practice over time.

I help you with this journey deeper into yourself.

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