You're Aware You're Resisting Change. Now what? Journal Your Answers To These 13 Questions

You're Aware You're Resisting Change. Now what? Journal Your Answers To These 13 Questions
Photo by Dong Zhang / Unsplash

No sooner did I send out last week's newsletter referencing the classic business book, "Who Moved My Cheese," my "cheese" was moved again! Twice!

I had spent a lot of time gathering the info for a blog post that had been titled, "4 Ways to Subscribe to Destiny Architecture’s Weekly Guided Audio Meditations with Heather Larson."

Guess what? I had to change it to "3 Ways," because Spotify took over Anchor!

I had to laugh. 😂 The links to Anchor still work. It's just branded as Spotify now. I still edited the blog to reflect reality. Guess what happened next?

Another software I'd been using changed names!

"Ok, I'm out. I can't keep changing everything to keep up!"

Well, the joke's on me. Turns out, we don't have a choice but to keep changing in order to keep up. But humans don't like change. I know this from working in the addiction field and...from being human.

I've been taking deeper dives into where I've resisted change lately.

This led to some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. Why am I (subconsciously) comfortable here?
  2. Am I resisting change because I'm afraid of the new? Or because I may have to say goodbye to the old? (Or both).
  3. What part of me can't come along on this journey? And what can I do to release it?
  4. Am I not sleeping well? (This means too much or not enough).
  5. What parts of my life don't make me feel energized?
  6. Which parts do make me feel energized?
  7. Where am I wasting my energy in exchanges that don't leave me full, fulfilled, &/or nourished?
  8. Does this align with my purpose(s) — (as you understand your purpose(s) to be in this moment)?
  9. Have I created space and time to welcome change? (Have you created an environment personally, physically, spiritually, energetically, and emotionally where the change will "fit" and be welcomed by all parts of you?)
  10. Am I feeling compelled to be busy all the time? (A symptom of change resistance along with many other things).
  11. Who desires this change? My heart & soul? Or my ego?
  12. What must I release in order to make this change?
  13. Who is served by my staying the same?

That last one is a doozy. The answer may Or someone you love. Or a client who you've outgrown. Or friendships you don't want to lose but have also grown past.

This is why we resist change!

The answers to these questions should be revealing. You can sit with them if that's what it takes to get that a-ha moment. But if you sit too long, that's procrastination, another sneaky way we resist change.