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26-Minute Sunday Self-Care Yoga Practice for Beginners: Watch the Recording of the 8-6-23 LIVE Yoga Practice

26-Minute Sunday Self-Care Yoga Practice for Beginners: Watch the Recording of the 8-6-23 LIVE Yoga Practice

26-Minute Yoga Practice with a Meditation for Sunday Self-Care

It’s fun & challenging to be a new yoga teacher who is about to complete yoga teacher training. I’m at the point where my academic study is complete. I’m filling out the forms and turning in my final project this month!

In order to practice Ishvara Pranidhana, or devotion, I’ve devoted myself this month to a good cause. I’m raising money for the charity Stop Soldier Suicide. I’ve been learning a lot of random things so far:

  • I thought the word “Suicide” shadowbanned my yoga practice videos on YouTube at first, now I’m not quite so certain, but I’m afraid to say the name of this very worthy charity nonetheless.
  • Making videos with Zoom is hard sometimes! I have a small space to practice in for these LIVE yoga practices, so I’m doing my best to demo the poses and project my voice…but…
  • I tried to lead a meditation during this morning’s practice while using both my singing bowl and rainstick, only to find out while editing that the mic didn’t pick up these sounds.

Then the mother of all horrible things happened during today’s yoga practice and I had to edit it out. My cat brought his poopy little butt next to my mat and began dragging it on the floor next to me… 🙄 🤢 IYKYK.

This is why the video starts with a green strap and ends with a white one…

While I intended to teach today about taking the time for self-care on a Sunday, and while I intended to lead a meditation that sounded relaxing… It just didn’t work out that way! Since I’m doing these LIVE yoga practices for FREE so that I can raise money for charity, I guess no good deed really goes unpunished.

Yes, the meditation is OK being just the sound of my voice without musical instruments behind it. Yes, the cat is fine, if only a little offended that I helped him clean his bum. Did it totally distract me? YES! Of course, it did!

So what’s the lesson here?

The Yoga Lesson Today is Life Happens

Things will happen when we are on our mat. The cat will crap next to it, the kids will fight, the diaper will be full on your baby and you’ll have to go change it. I used to hate being interrupted on my yoga mat! After I helped my cat today with his, uhhh, problem, I came back to my mat, took a child’s pose and refocused. I took a few deep breaths.

You can do the same when practicing at home and having a family member (that includes pets) interrupt your practice with some kind of problem that demands your immediate attention. The lesson here is that life happens and will pull us away from our practice. Our task is to return to an imperfect and challenging practice while being in harmony somehow with the cat crapping on the floor, the fighting kids, and the full baby diaper—or whatever the distraction may be.

The cool thing is that no one had shown up to my live practice! So I could just edit out the cat poop portion of the episode before posting the video on YouTube.

I was pretty grateful no one showed up today!

Everyone says they want a live yoga practice on Zoom until you set it for 9:30 am. 😉

As a new yoga teacher, I’m grateful to be working out these little…learning curves in my teaching. This is WHY I teach! Every time I teach, I learn more than anyone else does.

To join the live practices, visit the events page for details Contribute to Stop Soldier Suicide on my fundraising page

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🎥 Practices will be LIVE on Zoom and recorded to be posted on YouTube later, so if you don’t want to be on camera, please leave your camera off.

⏰ I’m leading yoga practice daily from 9:30-10:00 am Central. Again, practice is FREE!

Hi 👋 I’m Heather Larson and I’m completing my yoga teacher training (RYT-200) this month. I’m offering an in-person class on 8/19 at 11:00 am at White Dove metaphysical bookstore and yoga studio in Wichita.

More about the daily yoga practices in August:

We will practice yoga each day, which will mostly be all-levels asanas (poses). I may mix in meditation, yoga nidra, and other surprises.

I’ve practiced yoga since 1996 and can’t wait to share my love of yoga with more people as a yoga teacher. I expect to have my yoga certificate in hand by the end of September after turning in my final project on the 19th!

⭐️ Yoga is for all bodies and all stages of life. I often share about my journey with yoga and scoliosis, a late-in-life asthma/sleep apnea diagnosis—and how yoga has helped me navigate through the past decade of sobriety.

I’m also a certified transformational life coach, meditation teacher, and Reiki Master.

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