Is it a Coincidence, or is There a Spiritual Explanation?

Is that interesting coincidence you had a just a coincidence? Or is there something more spiritual at play?

I read this article about whether coincidences are just coincidences, or whether they're really acts of God. It made me wonder. It also made me recall the coincidences that had appeared along my spiritual path.

I'll preface this by saying I am in a period of grieving. I think, after a certain age, the holiday season does carry quite a bit of somber remembrance at the least—full-on grief at the most.

People who describe themselves as spiritual or religious report noticing more meaningful coincidences than those who do not, and people are more likely to experience coincidences when they are in a heightened emotional state — perhaps under stress or grieving.

I can think of a few times I had a spiritual coincidence:

• I was having a dream as a kid that my grandfather was drowning; my mom woke me up from my sleep saying she had to take Grandpa to the hosptial.

• After my mom passed, getting on my yoga mat brought me peace and calm. One day, as I lay in Savasana missing her, I wished I could just hold her hand in the hospital one more time. At that moment, I felt a sizzle rise up from my wrist into my palm.

• I was doing Reiki with a client. During their session, I kept seeing yellow and pink flowers in my mind's eye. I shared this info with my client and it meant nothing to them. They called me later to tell me their partner had hit a garage sale during our session. While they were receiving Reiki, their partner was purchasing them a chair at a garage sale—with yellow and pink flowers on it!

Are these experiences that I can explain? Maybe. Do they make me "special?" No. I believe everyone has intuition and the ability to work with energy. This is innate. You have it already!

The article says those who are spiritual or religious are more likely to notice these "meaningful coincidences." I believe practicing Reiki, yoga, mediation, and other healing modalities also makes you more aligned to having these experiences.

Is it because we've leveled up our energy? Or because we're more spiritually open to having such experiences? Will an atheist notice such things and be in awe or them, or explain them away?

My point here is that if you're seeking a sign and it appears—and this means something to you—don't write it off!

I've been grieving a terrible loss for the past two weeks. A close colleague's son passed unexpectedly after a horrible accident. This week, my yoga teacher gave us an exercise in surrendering to the Divine, or Ishvara Pranidhana. Letting go is always easier than it sounds. But grieving requires energy, so I've been willing to let go in order to save some.

Grief inspired me to step up my self-care the past two weekends. This past Saturday found me seeing my therapist, followed by seeing a brand-new hair stylist to get my first post-pandemic hairtcut. (Yup, I've been trimming it myself for 2.5 years now!)

I didn't take me as long to get to the new salon as I'd thought. What to do? Run a quick errand to kill 20 minutes? Or simply let go and enter the salon early? I did the latter and I'm so glad I did!

I ended up meeting Janie, who was getting her nails done while watching the K-State game on her phone. Her energy and joy watching the Wildcats was infectious! We became fast friends.

Our discussion evolved into spirituality, religion, and grief—without me telling her I'd just left my therapist and that I'm greiving the loss of my colleague's son! I shared with her what my yoga teaher had taught me, that, "God plays all the parts," as I became certain that Janie had been placed upon my path to play the part of God and give me some signs.  

We talked about the intersections of Cathlocism, Christianity, and Hunduism. I talked about my love of Yoga Sutra #17 and shared with her the news about my loss. She shared about loss in her own life, too. It seems God, the Divine (or whatever you want to call it) tends to place Janie on others' paths like this.

You never know when showing up early to something may change the course of your day. Or that, maybe, you just need a football game and some salon chitter chatter to renew your soul.

Proof of new hair for yours truly. Much better than doing it myself! 

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