How to Become More Grounded & Recalibrate Your Life [PODCAST]

How to Become More Grounded & Recalibrate Your Life [PODCAST]


  • Explaining my online absence of the past couple months (save for the Patreon!)
  • The past two months were a recalibration! Do you want to recalibrate your own life? Here’s how!
  • The benefits of a life reboot
  • I no longer spend eight hours a day working for others to help their dreams come true as mine sat on the back burner! I plan to explain more about how I did this in future blog posts so that you can do the same with your life
  • What’s coming up from Destiny Architecture Online Life Coaching, Reiki, —and soon to be— Yoga: a 5th birthday for this site; a 2nd birthday for the Fearless 5 podcast!
  • A quick update on my recovery from COVID-19
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Happy Fall!

Seasons change and so do we…

This is a Fearless 5 podcast I recorded on July 20…and then, I decided to take my own advice. Kind of. This is about how you can become more grounded right now as we are living in such a crazy time.

After I recorded the podcast, I took quite a few things off my plate.

It was time for me to take a break from as much as I possibly could. I realized the entire year had been a battle of survival for me. I pivoted careers in order to survive and did a bunch of not-so-exciting things that really amounted to being stuck in some low-vibe, root / sacral chakra issues for the second half of summer. More on those chakra issues to come…

Confession time: The 88,000 Reasons Why I Pulled Back From Running My Online Life Coaching Business These Past Two Months

If there’s anything I learned in 2021, it’s that health comes first — physical health. I’ve spent the past nine months bettering mine and not in the pretty, lifestyle-bloggy ways you’d expect. It was hard & ugly. Probably much like you are now, I asked myself how I could create a better lifestyle not built around a 40-hour workweek, commute, or soul-sucking corporate life. And then, I did it — but it’s not to say it was an “overnight success story.” Hardly! I put in years of work to become an “overnight success” this year.

I told myself I’d never become “that online life coach” who pretends their life is nothing but Instagram-perfect.

I didn’t want to present myself as some “ideal” with such a great life, professional photos, and the appearance of having beat the algorithm into “online success.”

I promised myself I’d be real and authentic — sans rose-colored glasses. Real life is messy and so is transformation. As a Certified Transformational Life Coach, I don’t want to sell you pink-taxed services and lead you to believe you can just quit a job and take your laptop to the beach. There’s way too much of that out there already!

In order to create a life I didn’t have to escape from or a career I didn’t have to recover from at the end of each day, I made many changes this summer! This required much time, attention, and focus from July-September this year, hence a quiet blog / Fearless 5 podcast. Like I said above, I truly had to take some things off my plate.

But that’s not all — I couldn’t offer online coaching or Reiki sessions from a place where I was in need of that much healing.

So often people say, “Fill your own well first,” yet they rarely talk about what that entails! The ugly truth is, the healing work is a process, not a destination

There will always be seasons where we must go within, find out what truly matters to us in this now, and begin editing our lives. We remove the dead weight, whether that’s a job, hobby, friendships, etc. We’re never done with this editing process! I believe I had to evolve in order to survive this year — not just COVID-19, but a changing world in general. We all do.

The past two months were a recalibration!

Want to recalibrate your life? I know I haven’t made it sound really fun so far. So here’s the good part of it — the results. I now feel lighter and more free. You know that feeling you get from cleaning out your closet or home? It feels like that, but for my mental / emotional house rather than a physical one. I’m not going to lie to you or sugar coat it — recalibrating one’s life is messy. It’s sloppy in much the same way that physical closet clean out is. You know how you make a bigger mess when you clean & declutter? It’s like that.

How to recalibrate your life:

  • Focus & remove distractions
  • Remove anything / anyone that no longer serves your highest good (detach and do it with love though)
  • Give yourself time & space to realize what needs to go, stay, or be added
  • Spend a lot of time alone getting to know yourself better
  • Practice the best self-care you can possibly afford time & money-wise
  • Start dealing with all the ugly, uncomfortable stuff. Finish it. Be done with it!
  • Begin new things — the kind you’ve always wanted to do / be / have

The benefits of a life reboot

My biggest benefit of rebooting my life this summer is having my time back. Time freedom is something I’d wanted for years. I just found my old journal from 2016-2019 and guess what? I now have a lot of the things that seemed like stretch goals during that time period. I wanted so badly to spend more time on my coaching and Reiki! Now, I’m finally here. I’ve achieved something that once seemed impossible — being able to work from home, on my terms, for the rate of my choosing.

I no longer spend eight hours a day working for others to help their dreams come true as mine sat on the back burner!

I think that’s the biggest benefit, and I plan to explain more about how this came about in future blog posts so that you can do the same with your life. My “how it started / how it’s going” is pretty profound. I should have vlogged it in real time! But I didn’t. That level of confidence didn’t exist for me in 2016!

Truth is, I didn’t think I’d ever get here because I was so poor when I signed up for my coaching program in 2016! I’ve learned since then, that even as times become tough, many of the things I wanted for my life weren’t really as impossible as I made them out to be. It’s just that — when you’re struggling — it seems like a better life is so far out of reach.

But a better life is always within reach.

Soon, I’ll be breaking down how you can do this for yourself. You’ll have to get uncomfortable and do the inner work as I have. It takes several steps, some focus, and dedication. Basically, there are some weeds you’ll have to dig up. But I hope to provide you with the “Farmer’s Almanac” for that in the coming months.

Now onto what’s coming with Destiny Architecture Online Life Coaching, Reiki, —and soon to be— Yoga

The Reiki Patreon keeps on rolling!

I started a Reiki community on Patreon a couple years ago. Since the pandemic, I’ve turned it into a gathering place for Reiki practitioners and students. Even if you’re just curious and not yet very far into Reiki, it’s a place for you. I didn’t pivot to teaching Reiki online because it’s not authentic.

You can’t — and I can’t stress this enough — attune people to Reiki over the Internet.

But what I can do is keep a conversation and community around this traditional Japanese art going.

Ultimately, I’ll be writing an ebook from the information I offer in the Patreon group. The Patreon offers me a focus group of sorts and — for you — it offers advance copies of the ebook and the ability to give feedback. You actually get to help me shape this book about Reiki! I offer Reiki Academics, a podcast for Patrons, and regular blogs about Reiki. Lately, we’ve been talking about healing journeys, chakras, and self-Reiki.

There are a couple posts this week that aren’t behind a paywall. You can read about a simple self-Reiki checklist and — since we’ve been talking about chakras — a review of their colors.

Online coaching and Reiki sessions are available!

I’m reopening my schedule for online coaching and Reiki sessions now that I A) am feeling better B) and have more energy. I’ve created enough time and space in my life now to allow for a couple coaching clients a week. Schedule your complimentary breakthrough session here.

The Fearless 5 is coming back for Season 5 (and a belated 2nd Birthday)

It’s International Podcast Day and the Fearless 5 is BACK! Let’s get into all kinds of crazy, juicy stuff for the new season. I’ve been sitting on tons of ideas, so get ready — subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!

Destiny Architecture is celebrating (a belated) 5th birthday! 🥳🎂🎉🎁🎈🎊

September 2021 marked 5 years of Destiny Architecture being online! We’re going to celebrate through all of October since I spent the actual birthday month resting. I can’t believe I started on my coaching journey 5 years ago! I don’t know where I’d be without out, but most likely — still working in a dead-end career and living in a bad neighborhood! Thank God I don’t have to do either of those things now!

On a personal note, my COVID-19 recovery is finally going well

Thanks for all the well-wishes through social media, this site, and the newsletter. I’m glad to know you follow this blog, the Fearless 5 podcast, and all the stuff I’m doing online. Recovering from that stupid virus has been a hard road. It’s been eight months and I am finally starting to get some energy and strength back. After coming so close to dying, I definitely have a “new lease on life,” as the cliche goes.