How To Book Online with Me At Urban Wellness Phoenix

I'm offering Reiki, Coaching, Meditation, and Yoga at Urban Wellness. Reiki 1 begins on 4/7.

How To Book Online with Me At Urban Wellness Phoenix
Photo by Allison Astorga / Unsplash

Sunday, 3/3, marks my very first day at Urban Wellness at 7th/McDowell in Downtown Phoenix. (Urban Wellness is right next to the Giving Tree Cafe and Green Vegetarian, where I ate at a LOT 20 years ago during my brief vegan phase, though they were closer to ASU then).

Visit the menu of services I offer via Square and book your appointment there. (You don't have to pay online at the time of booking, just pay in person when you see me).

Save time by signing your waiver ahead of time 👇

You can also access the waiver here (or fill it out when you see me).

Btw, I accept cash, card, or Bitcoin for my services. 🧡

Destiny Architecture® Services at Urban Wellness

At Urban Wellness, I'll offer:

• Reiki sessions (half hour, hour, or 90 minutes)

• Private, 1:1 coaching sessions (contact me for small groups)

• Private, 1:1 meditation instruction personalized to your needs & goals

• Private, 1:1 yoga instruction

And combinations of all of the above to suit your preferences, needs, and goals.

Everything is 20% off for March when you come in to see me at Urban Wellness to increase your mind-body wellness!

Reiki 1 Class Starts on 4/7!

If you've ever wanted to learn and practice Reiki, Phoenix, this is your chance.

I'll start teaching a new cohort of Reiki 1 students on 4/7 at Urban Wellness. Space is limited to 4 people.

Why Learn Reiki 1?

Reiki 1 is the start of a spiritual path in which you'll never stop learning and healing.

Reiki is a traditional Japanese hands-on energy healing technique. I teach the Western style, or Usui Reiki (though I am a double Reiki Master in both Western and Eastern styles).

Reiki 1 is your initiation into the system of Reiki. After Reiki 1, you'll be able to channel Reiki to yourself. This level is Reiki is a great gift for yourself and those closest to you. Reiki 1 helps you engage in energy work for self-care and the care of others, making it a perfect skill for a caregiver to have.

Your care receiver will benefit from Reiki as much as you do. Reiki never depletes your energy, which is one of the principles you'll learn in Reiki 1.

If you have any questions, please let me know either by leaving a comment here (you'll have to create a free account to sign in, so just subscribe for free to do so 😉 ).

Or just come on by Urban Wellness when I'm there!

I'll be at Urban Wellness on Sundays from 10-6. You can also find me Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-8.

Outside of Phoenix and still interested in mind-body wellness?

I offer many of the same services online but with a few differences. I don't teach Reiki online, but I do offer Distance Reiki (Enkaku Chiryo).