Revealing the Guide/Playbook for the Spiritual Journey

Welcome to the spiritual journey! Here's the entire playbook of everything you need to know...

Revealing the Guide/Playbook for the Spiritual Journey
Photo by Edz Norton / Unsplash

Welcome to the spiritual journey! Here's the entire playbook of everything you need to know...

Don't you just wish!?!?

But here's the thing:

You don't get the full playbook up front! Or else it's not a journey!

Sorry to burst your bubble 🫧 but there's no cheating.

The beginning of my spiritual journey was lame and boring in the 90s. Then it got dark & scary in 2008 when I got out of a bad relationship. I went to get a polarity session and the practitioner actually crawled under the table to get away from my energy. 😱 I never blamed her! She was right for that.

Four years after that, I began to study Reiki and I still practice and study to this day!

A year after I began studying Reiki, I got sober—thankfully, I am still sober to this day and I'm about to hit my 10-year birthday. 🥳

I began working in the addiction field, which led to becoming a transformational life coach. Transformation is my jam!

Eventually, I deepened my meditation practice. Do you want to hear some of my beginning meditation drama? Of course, you do! I suffered through intrusive thoughts and still struggle (well) with rumination. This is the stuff that used to torment my early meditation sessions (I kept a journal):

🧠 "My mind is all over!"

👂 "My oven is making clicking noises!"

👄 "I'm chewing on my lips!"

💼 Distracted by a job search at the time... (this was in early 2015)

😂 Mind wandering to something funny I saw online...

📅 Plans for tomorrow...

💩 "My stomach hurts."

😴 "I'm tired..."

🗣️ Not to mention my endless inner monologue...

Oh, you have one of those too?

Welcome to the club! I don't know too many people who don't have an inner monologue. I was tormented by all those thoughts in the beginning.

What is the point of meditation if I have to sit there and observe all my annoying thoughts? Where are the good thoughts? I didn't have many of those back in 2015! Quiet my mind? How?

My early meditation practice was tough. All I noticed was how scattershot my thoughts were. But I became aware of them and I had Reiki to help me. I stopped and started over the years. I tried different methods. I'm sure I'll never run out of mediation and pranayama methods to try!

If you're new to the spiritual path, you're likely struggling. You're waking up. You're having experiences. It's confusing & overwhelming. You're experiencing synchronicities. You're looking for a higher meaning in things you used to dismiss.

I don't have a perfect recipe or blueprint to help you along. What I do have? One thing.

If I had to go back to 90s Me, 2000s Me, or newly-sober Me a decade ago—one piece of advice would help that poor lost soul in each situation:

Let go.

The best act of self-preservation you'll ever have in life is the act of releasing. Let it go. Give it to the deity of your choice, The Universe, Mother Earth, or the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It doesn't matter what you give "it" to as long as you're letting "it" go.

In short: Relax! Nothing is under control!

Give it up to something more powerful. Your higher power. Any higher power. The more we give up our need to control or know what's next, the freer we get. The easier the path gets.

The spiritual life is for warriors. Often, I find us "warriors" are on healing paths and therefore plagued with health concerns. Or we're plagued with spiritual battles—or both!

IF there were a playbook, it would contain two words: LET GO. 💫

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