Self-care weekend wrap-up

Having a self-care weekend all to myself was so energizing, I can’t wait to do it again! I may have gotten too much rest because I woke up at 1am today… But I can’t complain!

Who doesn't love energies of abundance and manifestation?

Who doesn't love energies of abundance and manifestation?

I decided Saturday to go with the flow and ended up making a discovery. I took Uber to see my Reiki Master, Donna, for a Reiki Sonics session. After that, I decided to walk across the street the the health food store for some supplies. On the way, I discovered a little foot massage place.

I bee-lined for it. It is so hard to find a place that does just reflexology around here! I was so excited. It turned out to be a not-so-little place that offers all kinds of massage -- chair, body, and feet. They had tons of massage chairs and rooms! It was a lot bigger inside once I went in and they did a great job.

Then I hit the health food store, then went on to get a haircut. Ended up being gifted with “color depositing conditioner” and a Halite (salt) stone.

Once home, I was relaxed and happy I got to accomplish so much self-care! I camped out on the couch and ate my salad and chocolate while watching Netflix. It was so awesome to have downtime after the last couple Saturdays of travel and training!

Sunday, I slept in and then did some more binge watching once I got my spiritual studies done for the day. Then I was off to the Reiki share with a friend, which I was wonderful. I was gifted with a notepad and some household items -- small gifts, yes, but a signal to the Universe that more comes to you when you care for yourself first.