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Reiki is BACK (and costs less)⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint For 6/6/22


  • Reiki is BACK at White Dove Wichita on June 25th!!!
  • ICYMI: 2 websites? A renamed podcast? The glow-up is real! Plus, Reiki is now AFFORDABLE!?
  • How can you trademark your content?
  • Content Creation Stuff To Read As a Beginner
  • YouTube Video of the Week: Reclined Big Toe Post A & B

Reiki is BACK at White Dove Wichita on June 25

Seeking balance and healing? Come see me at White Dove in Wichita on the 25th!

Special TikTok Guest star? Titali, who just turned 7. She's got the cutest resting bitch face you've ever seen. Not very interested in Reiki though 😉‌


The Destiny Architecture.com site got a little makeover and Reiki is BACK at White Dove on June 25. Check out how much better the blog looks!

I've also renamed the podcast from "Fearless 5" to...drumroll please..."The Destiny Architecture Podcast." "F5" just didn't fit into the Destiny Architecture world 🌍

Reiki Is Now Affordable!

I have a lot to say about the price of Reiki. So I said it in a blog and 6 TikToks!

I'm making Reiki faster (only 25 minutes) and affordable (only $40 whether in person or online). If you want human contact and will be in Wichita on 6/25, come see me. If not, book a distance session online!


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So What's Up With The Two Websites?

I started DestinyArchitecture.com in 2016 as I worked on completing my 100-hour life coaching certification. In February of this year, I created DestinyArchitecture.net in order to consolidate all the things—like Patreon, Substack, newsletters, a site, a blog, etc.

Both sites offer coaching!

DestinyArchitecture.net is more focused on personal development for content creators. I love them both, but there's also another important reason to have two. I've filed for my trademark with the USPTO. Now, we wait 💫

When & How Should You File a Trademark as a Content Creator?

First, I can't answer this question because I'm not a lawyer.

It's taken me six years to move forward on my mark. I don't recommend doing it yourself! I didn't even try it on my own because it's super confusing and full of legalese.

Fortunately, I have the BEST trademark lawyer ever, Jessica Crawford. She made it super easy (for me anyway, not for her!)

Content Creation Stuff To Read As a Beginner

How To Build an Online Business (Yes, Content creation is on the list!) This one comes from AppSumo and I'd be nowhere without their SaaS discounts in the past ~6 years of Destiny Architecture!

Also, this blog of theirs on the basics of copywriting echoes what I was taught in Ship 30.

YouTube Video of the Week: A Simple Yoga Pose

This can help you squeeze in a quick yoga post this week.

Thank you for reading!

Heather Larson

Certified Life Coach and Usui Reiki Master ‌

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