When Life Throws a Curveball... ⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 7/18/22


  1. How do you progress when life kicks your ass?
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This is not the newsletter that I meant to go out today.

But last week was quite a week.

I felt as though I should address it (and share what helped me) because it affected my ability to deliver quality content, do my job, and live my life to the fullest. It was exhausting.

I often hear from you that you feel it's hard to make progress because life keeps happening.

How do we make progress when it's just enough to get through these days?

A few surprise things happened last week:

👠 We went a few days without AC here due to an HVAC upgrade; it was 83 degrees (the first shoe to drop).

I made a plan for the animals & I to be safe in the heat. I joined a coworking place and decided not to move them to our friends' house until we absolutely had to. But I wasn't prepared for the next shoe to drop...

👠 Someone accused my former boss of sexual assault. My inbox blew up. I found myself in the middle of something I didn't expect. (I was NOT sexually assaulted at Power 93.5, but everyone wanted to know if I had been). And all this hit in the middle of an 83-degree moment without AC...

When it rains, it pours. (I'd kill for some rain right now).

👠 Now it's Saturday, and either the planned HVAC upgrade didn't work or a neighbor blew a fuse...because my AC went out and now it's 77 in here!

👠 For the second week in a row, I have twisted my right ankle.

Back to the original question:

How do we make progress when it's just enough to get through these days?

I feel frustrated. There, I said it.

I'm supposed to be exercising and losing weight—not eating out and being unable to workout because of twisted ankles and searing heat.

I have certain goals as a coach! As a content creator! I have business goals to hit, ideas to work on!

All this crap going on has worn me out and stolen my attention.

I just want my happy little world where I have my routine, work from home, exercise after work, enjoy my AC, my pets are safe, and I can work on my projects. I don't want to have my energy stolen by all this drama!

But that's life. It happens.

Here's the secret: we don't have to progress daily, we only have to try to progress daily.

I return to my planner and crack it open. I weigh what's happened against what's actually progressed. Can't lose weight when you A) sprain an ankle 2x and B) work out at home, but home has no AC!

When I work with clients, this is what I talk about. Making realistic goals. You DO have to take some hits in life sometimes. There WILL be setbacks.

For myself, my planner helps me reflect and chart progress. It helps me see lack of progress too. For right now, it's not my fault I'm not making progress. We don't have to feel like we are accomplishing things all the time.

That's a pretty competitive way of looking at life.

Oh, I'm very competitive, Type A, and organized. July-September are totally planned out in this Self Journal planner of mine!

But here's where I'm at.

This month has sucked. But does that mean I give up? No.

12 mindset hacks here can help (repeat after me):

(This is exclusive for email subscribers) 👇

⬆️ That's just a collection of things that have gotten me through lately.

Pro tip: You can't tell anyone who's unpracticed in yoga and meditation to "go meditate" when they're going through something. But if we work to build a practice, then we have skills and methods to calm ourselves we can rely upon in an emergency.

I did manage to turn everything off, pop on my headphones, and turn on a guided meditation while staying at my friend's house. The best part? In the meditation, my teacher talks about awareness and being present. He goes:

"No one can tell what the next moment will bring. We just don't know."

And I laughed and laughed... 🤣 😂 😂 🤣 😆 😝 Good joke, Universe. Good joke!

Let's make this week better in any way we can.

Let's try to return to healthy routines as we fight harsh summer heat. Whatever life throws at us, let's remember consistent action will get us where we want to be eventually and incrementally. A day may be missed here and there of the exercise routine (or whatever your preferred habit is).

Need help with habits?

Print this out and place it somewhere inspirational where you can see it daily and be motivated!

Remember, Reiki Day is Now The Final Saturday of the Month Each Month in Wichita at White Dove!

Come on in to White Dove on Saturday, July 30 from 11-4! 

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Dale and I can't wait to see you at White Dove! 🕊

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Much love 💕

Heather Larson, Certified Coach & Reiki Master

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