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The time has come to focus on research-supported Reiki information & more

The time has come to focus on research-supported Reiki information & more

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Hard work often includes 2/3 of the above pictured items when it comes to this blog.

Hard work often includes 2/3 of the above pictured items when it comes to this blog.

My goal as a coach and Reiki Master with a journalism background is to always bring you the best content I possibly can.

From this point forward, I am going to start sharing any and all research on Reiki I can find.

I'll be offering Scientifically-supported Reiki teachings from this point forward. I've done a ton of Reiki sessions and shares. I've taught Reiki to many. But not one of those classes or sessions mentioned science.

So let's change this.

Science is important to me. Science is life. Literally.

In 2004, my life was forever changed when my mother died. Not only was her passing explosive, but what further blew my life apart was finding out she was killed by a genetic neurodegenerative disease there is no cure for (yet). It's called Cruetzfeldt-Jakob Disease, or CJD. I was so shook by this experience, I began a very uncensored internet presence about it and then a blog.

In 2013, I chose to get sober. I had quit using drugs in 2001, but this time I was going to quit drinking booze for good. And I did. I have succeeded. I've been sober since 7-1-13. But I didn't go to treatment, or "rehab" as many call it. I attended 12-step programs and hired therapists. I went to church. I began to know God. I tried Christianity, Buddhism, NA, AA, and Refuge Recovery. I was the biggest 12-stepper and Al-Anon freak you ever would have met six years ago.

But there was absolutely no scientific basis behind any of my recovery.

What I know from the past several years is Reiki works. Abstinence from mind-altering substance use/abuse works (for me). Not using mind-altering substances and changing my behavior works. Adopting new ways of living and coping to be healthy works. I'm happier, more productive, and successful than I have ever been in my life.

But what I can't tell you is how all this stuff works!

This needs to change. No one should be giving out information that isn’t proven to work by science. So today, I threw out my AA “Big Book,” into the trash, where it belongs. Happy independence day to me!

I want to change the lack of science and proof in the Reiki/coaching field from here on out. I want to share what is scientifically supported for both Reiki and sobriety (I hesitate to use the word “recovery” as I am currently reading The Freedom Model).

I'm not going to tell you it works and hope you believe me. I'm not a charlatan. I want to find the research that shows what's working and how. I want to stop doing what research isn’t supporting to be true while, at the same time, adding in what science proves to work well.

I want you to get the best here and I never want you to think you're wasting your time.

I know I get results in what I do as a coach and I know this by experience. Now, I want to find the science to show why it works and I want to apply it.

This is my promise to you -- that this is going to get better. The quality of information here is going to increase steadily. I don't want you to buy into Reiki and sobriety without knowing how it will benefit you.

When I say this is happening from this moment forward, I truly mean I am just now starting to look into the research and digest it for you. Reading studies is boring. Why would you? But I, however, am just the sort of geek who will enjoy digging in and regurgitating it to you in a way that doesn't suck.

Please tell me what you’d love to know about Reiki — and I’ll answer and look for research about it. Let me know in the comments!

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The Reiki Room

At White Dove in Wichita, KS. This is where I do Reiki.