🌟 A Yoga Warmup & 2 Meditations for Mercury Retrograde⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 12/11/23

🌟 A Yoga Warmup & 2 Meditations for Mercury Retrograde⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 12/11/23
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Take 10 Minutes for a Simple Yoga Warm-Up

Here's a short, super simple warm-up I like to do in the morning.

A Quick Yoga Warm-Up To Start Your Day
As a yoga teacher with scoliosis, this is my go-to morning warmup!

Destiny Architecture® Meditation for Beginners Online Course

Do you love the idea of meditation but aren't sure where to begin? I've designed a course for beginners that gets you started right away and guides you through the problems beginners face, like:

• The inability to "quiet the mind"

• How to make meditation a habit

• Charting your growth—a 30-page digital journal comes with the course

This online course is self-paced with video, audio, and some reading material. It will take a few hours (total) to complete and you can always leave questions and comments for me.

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🌟 The Very Best of 2023⚡️ The Destiny Architecture® Blueprint 12/4/23
I don’t have a slick New Year offer or a fancy funnel. I’m simply a well-practiced coach and teacher who wants you to fill your well first. I don’t sell a one-size-fits-all “new you” system because I don’t believe in that.

The Latest Meditation for Subscribers

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This week, we're meditating our way to better communication during Mercury Retrograde.

Meditate Your Way to Better Communication During Mercury Retrograde with this Guided Meditation
Guided Meditation: Enhance Communication during Mercury Retrograde with Mindful Practices

This week's guided meditation, New Moon 🌚 Meditation, and Yoga Warm Up are free to all!

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New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice for December 2023
Manifesting Peace: A New Moon Meditation for Mercury Retrograde Season

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