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When times get tough...

When times get tough...
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When times get tough…

Rest is good, for starters.

It’s been quiet around here. I’ve been resting.

In a year of constant survival mode, the last few weeks have dictated that I needed a break. So I’ve been resting and resting and resting. I’ve hardly made a Patreon post or a newsletter, or even a blog post. I’ve let a friendship go and made room for new. I’ve let dreams be put on hold as the world remains on fire with a virus. I thought to myself today, “I need to catch up!” But do I, really?

Do we all? Do any of us “need” to “catch up?”

I think if you’re just making it through right now, you’re doing OK.

My guess is we’ve hit the halfway point of the pandemic if history is repeating itself. I’ve also been reflecting on how much has changed for me in the past year or even the past seven months since I got COVID-19. A year ago, I had a few more loved ones alive and well. They are gone now, taken too soon by the pandemic.

We’re living in the middle of history and watching every facet of our lives rapidly change. I think it’s OK to pause and take an inventory.

For me, I have a few more tools in my box than I did a year ago. It’s been almost a year since I signed up for online yoga teacher training and yoga has become one of those valuable tools. Lately, I’ve been finding solace in nostalgia. I like to listen to an old album or watch an old movie each evening so I can remember simpler times when the world was better. I’ve joined the ranks of those who have put dreams on hold for the sake of health and safety. I’ve also reached a point of acceptance I could have never reached if we weren’t living through a global disaster.

I’ve come to the conclusion that we’re going through a stage of rapid growth and evolution. Not everything or everyone is meant to stay in our lives when we grow this quickly. I’m learning to shed my skin, let those pieces fall off, and just keep moving.

I’ve also learned we need to talk about this with friends, process it, and keep that moving too — rather than keep it internalized. Friends are going through the same things we are on the inside. I feel that we find strength when we check on each other and share our fears.

So let’s “catch up” on Season 4, Episode #38 of the Fearless 5 podcast, “What got you here won’t get you there.” I recorded this on July 18, which feels like a world away now. Enjoy.