Yes, You Can Show Up ⚡️The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 5/9/22

The past month has been WILD.

One of the things I know without question is that we always benefit from showing up, even when we don't want to—especially when we don't want to!

Here's how I learned this lesson (the hard way) once again!

I didn't anticipate having a banged-up face!

Not when I paid the donation for a 15-minute slot with a great local photographer to benefit a local charity...

Good idea, good cause, I'd get a new headshot, and I'd have plenty of time to get a haircut prior to the shoot.

Nope! 👎 It did NOT happen like that!

Life happened and it happened all over my face 😆

My dental work didn't go as planned, leading to a second appointment that also didn't seem to help.

Through high anxiety and lots of prayer...I came to the realization that the troubled tooth had to come out. So, for the third day in a row, I went to my dentist's office. I convinced him to remove the tooth and he honored that wish.

By then, my cheek was bruised and swollen. That was Wednesday; you're reading this on Monday & I am still swollen!

See how puffy & shadowy the right cheek is? But isn't concealer miraculous? So is Photoshop! (Not the actual headshot, this is a selfie I took on my own after the shoot). 

It Crossed My Mind Not To Show Up For the Photoshoot

The charity would get the money anyway.

Who shows up to a photo shoot with a swollen, bruised face? There are some points in life where you just stay home or reschedule. And I did—for certain things. There were certain things I decided not to give my energy to as my mouth heals, like coaching others.

But why not give the shoot a try? I decided to be creative with makeup. The photographer told me she can edit my picture!

I Gained More Than Just a Headshot!

I met a couple of really cool local businesswomen! (Headshot coming soon).

The photographer is exactly the kind of person I've been looking for to meet my needs as I'll be completing yoga teacher training soon. I'm going to need a photographer who offers content sessions as she does!

Shout out here to Karra Kostya, who was SO NICE about working around my facial issues! Also, a shoutout to Andrea, who owns The Hive coworking space. That may be just the thing I need as a remote worker on a distributed team...

But first, more healing for me!

That's why this is the second week in a row of a simple, no-frills newsletter. I didn't expect to take three weeks off from recording the Fearless 5! But here we are!

I am starting to meet with coaching clients again this week, so if you want to meet up for a complimentary breakthrough session about anything, please follow this link and book with me!

The Fearless 5 Update!

Last week was supposed to be a week of podcast repurposing, but that obviously didn't happen. Let this be a lesson that there are times for healing while there are also times to show up and stay consistent. I've still written daily online! I'm up to 159 days in a row now!

(Even with all the mayhem of the past few weeks and there's more to explain later).

There are times when I just need a break. Then there are times when I know I'll feel worse for taking a break. I like to keep my home clean and keep up with my writing habit, for example!

So I'll share the top F5 video from the week on YouTube below and wish you a GREAT week ahead! Make plans to show up and plans to sit out—as needed—to stay charged up and passionate about your life!