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Yoga Saves Lives! ⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 8/1/22

Background of ocean waves with text saying "yoga saves" next to a woman on a yoga mat while holding a life preserver.
Yoga saves lives, sanity, peace ✌️ and everything else. 

Happy August!

ICYMI, this woman's yoga practice saved her life, simply because she knew her body. She knew something wasn't right and—long story short—doctors were able to discover a tumor.

I think many of us who are devoted to yoga have similar stories.

I recently updated the Destiny Architecture yoga page to make it easier to find all my beginner yoga videos.

A quick & easy yoga breathing exercise

Yoga focuses on the most vital thing in our lives, the breath.

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Reiki at White Dove on the Final Saturday Each Month

Save the date—August's final Saturday falls on 8/28. I'll once again be at White Dove from 11-4. You can book online ahead of time or just walk in.

Sessions are 25 min for $40 and will balance your chakras.

Thanks to everyone who came out in June & July! It's so good to be back to doing in-person Reiki sessions again.


Here every final Saturday 11-4! #Reiki #reikimaster #reikihealing #reikienergy #wichita #shoplocal #whitedove

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Read more about Reiki & Yoga:

How Reiki is performed

A very simple yogic breathing technique to help reduce stress: "Box Breathing" or Sama Vritti

Personal Development for Content Creators

Reiki and yoga are great practices when we do them consistently. So are some of the creative arts, like writing. There are many ways a commitment to daily writing changes your life.

Read about the power of a consistent writing habit and learn from my experiments.

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-Heather Larson, Certified Life Coach & Reiki Master

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