The Many Ways A Commitment To Daily Writing Changes Your Life

The Many Ways A Commitment To Daily Writing Changes Your Life
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In November of 2021, I began (and completed) NaNoWriMo. I loved waking up, sitting at my desk, and writing my 1,600+ words daily. Some days I wrote less, some more.

But the habit of daily writing became addicting.

Then, I decided to impose a new challenge starting 12/1/21:

I called it #ContentStorm on Twitter and announced to my ~100+ followers at the time that I would write online somewhere each day. (Now I have earned my way to a whopping 669 followers).

I Kept That Challenge Up For 190 Consecutive Days

Here's a roundup of what what went on during those 190 days:

  • The original idea, where I declared my intentions.
  • What changed after writing online daily for two weeks.
  • After 30 days, I found #Ship30for30 and began learning how the expert shippers ship 🚢 (Then stayed for 3 cohorts!)
  • BTW, don't tell me you have "writer's block," because you DO NOT.
  • I hit another milestone in writing online and reflected on day #74.
  • Finally: Day 90! Here's what I learned & accomplished.
  • In fact, the challenge of consistent online writing led to the creation of this site you're on right now and a newsletter for content creators that comes out every Monday! (Hit that "Subscribe" button!) 🔔

Now, 8 Months Have Gone By Since I Began Writing Online Daily

I ended my streak by accident on day 190. Pretty good for someone who only intended to write for 90 days on my own. In the end, I found an encouraging community in Ship 30 while creating volumes of content.

I still publish online almost daily.

I really do write every day! I work as a freelance writer in social media marketing. This site offers a newsletter of personal development for content creators. My other website, which has provided coaching & Reiki services since 2016, also has a blog I write frequently.

Surprising Ways Daily Writing Has Made Me A Better Writer & Content Creator

  • I was able to find my niche—personal development for content creators
  • I was able to refine my ideas with concise writing, like atomic essays and Twitter threads via Typeshare.
  • I've become much more organized with my writing, notes, and ideas.
  • Finding the time to write daily has made me more disciplined. I was also able to experiment with morning vs. evening writing.
  • Friends have told me they're inspired to write more because they saw my writing online.
  • I got really into content repurposing and tried out new formats like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.
  • I'm finally able to take my writing out of boxes and journals and into the world.

For example, I wrote this piece ages ago. But I was able to create a graphic for it and post it to the place I knew where it would fit right in—Instagram:

      View this post on Instagram

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It went from a long-dead poem in a box to a cool photo on Instagram that got me a few followers.

The Biggest Challenge For Me Used To Be Consistency

Through my self-imposed challenges, I taught myself to be consistent!

You can do it, too!

This is why I started this website. I wanted to be able to provide personal development specifically for content creators. I'm a certified coach and a professional writer.

It's time to merge these two skills and passions!

Right now, I offer a free newsletter here along with a blog and podcast.

Ultimately, I'll be working on adding a paid offering through this site. It will be something that helps you become a better online content creator through both video and writing while also concentrating on the principles of personal development I've studied:

  • Coaching
  • Reiki
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • NLP

More to come on that (and open to ideas or requests).

Until then, keep in mind you can always book an online coaching or Reiki session with me.