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Yoga is For You at Every Stage of Your Life

It’s hard to imagine something more helpful that people make more excuses about…yet this is what I specialize in!

I specialize in meeting you at the intersection of change and helping you create a plan that works for you to create the change you want, make it last, and get results in your life. Whether that change is a career change, habit change, or lifestyle change—I’m here to help you take the stress & anxiety out of major life changes so you can sleep better at night.

We are constantly disqualifying ourselves from doing things that will better our lives:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Making lasting, positive changes
  • Decluttering

We do this by telling ourselves a story—whether we realize it or not:

  • I’m too (young, old, inexperienced, busy, etc).
  • I can’t do that
  • I won’t be able to stick with that
  • My mind is too busy for that
  • I have to do X, Y, Z first…

And so on.

Let’s tackle the first one in this atomic essay: because you’re not “too….” anything to do yoga!