Cyber Monday 50% Off Codes + A Meditation Announcement!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 11/28/22

It may be Cyber Monday, but I'm giving out another freebie! (Scroll down for the discount codes for my shops).

As we close out 2022, enjoy the holiday season, and prepare for a new year—goals may be on your mind. If this year didn't shake out how you planned or your goals just didn't end in results, tale a few minutes to sharpern your goal-setting skills with this 15-page eBook. 👇

FREEBIE: 15-page eBook on How to Master the art of goal setting

Master the Art of Goal Setting

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A Free Guided Yoga Nidra Meditation ICYMI:

If you missed last week's free yoga nidra practice, here it is again. Yoga Nidra is yogic sleep. It's super relaxing! Even a short session can leave you feeling refreshed. It's OK if you fall asleep, too. (I've done that plenty of times).

Think of yoga nidra as a way for you to fall deeper into relaxation faster.

If you'd be so kind, I added a feedback form to the meditation page at If you relax with this 18-minute Yoga Nidra Practice guided by yours truly, please let me know through the form how I did!

How to Get Started with Meditation

People think meditation is all love and light...but that would be unfair. It can do a lot more for you if you give it a try! This blog will tell you how meditation has much more to give than some cursive room decor. 😉 ⬇️

Why So Much Meditation Talk? Because I just completed my 100-Hour Meditation Teacher Training!

I'm so excited about obtaining my certificate, but the journey continues! 🎉

How To Communicate as a Remote Team

I work with two different remote teams; this article discusses how we do things remotely at Leadtail.

What is Asynchronous Communication in Remote Work?
Asynchronous communication is the foundation of remote work culture. Learn how companies can help their teams achieve work-life balance.

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