A Reiki & Gratitude Practice + 18-minute Yoga Nidra

Welcome to another Monday morning edition of the Destiny Architecture Blueprint. I hope you have a great week. It's a holiday week here in the U.S., with Thanksgiving on Thursday. So you already know this newsletter is going to mention gratitude. And since I'm close to completing my meditation teacher training, I've included an 18-minute yoga Nidra practice below. Scroll down for the goodness (in audio form).

Being Thankful is One of Reiki's 5 Precepts

I've written about all five precepts before on Patreon (which I closed, more on why that is a little further down in the newsletter).

📧 For email newsletter subscribers only, I'm bringing back a crash course about how to live the Reiki precept of Gratitude.

How do creators get paid?

How do creators make money? Fortunately, here's some current data to help answer this question 👇

Options for paying creators: Affiliate commissions vs. contracts vs. full-time | BANKNOTES
The question isn’t whether or not there’s value in hiring creators—even over celebrities—to promote your brand. There is. The question is: what’s the best way to compensate creators so you can secure more mutually-beneficial partnerships and grow your brand?

Patreon Faces a Competitor Who Targets Gen Z

I say bravo to this one as I'm no fan of Patreon. The analytics aren't helpful because they aren't deep enough. This is a tool creators need; Patreon's analytics merely shows you how many views you get. You don't get to see how they found you, who they are, or even demographic info.

Not to mention, it's yet another site that can cut you off at any time if it disagrees with you. You may be able to make money with Patreon but it's in control. I'm a big fan of having a website you own and control as well as an email list. More on that another day. 😉

Patreon competitor Fanfix launches ‘SuperLink,’ a link-in-bio platform aimed at Gen Z creators
Fanfix announced today the launch of SuperLink, a standalone monetization-focused link-in-bio platform that displays a creator’s Fanfix page.

Do You Ever Find Yourself Asking, "Who am I?"

This worksheet was designed to help you answer that question. Wait, doesn't everyone know who they are? Not always! We're ever-changing beings and you'd be surprised how many of us made it to adulthood not knowing the answer to this fundamental question.

I'm not talking about answering this for a prospective employer or a first date.

I'm talking about gaining some self-knowledge, or as we refer to it in yoga, Svadhyaya. Start here by downloading this tool to help you start digging into what makes you tick (a process that is never, ever really over).

Worksheet to help you increase self-knowledge

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Try This 18-Minute Recorded Yoga Nidra Practice to Help You Relax

Holidays can be stressful, which is why I recorded this for you this week. All you have to do is get comfy, lay down, and hit play. Please 🙏 find an 18-minute space to try this practice this week! You owe yourself a break, especially if you have a family to cook for this week, shopping to do—you get the idea.

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