A Principle of Yoga To Help You Prepare for the Holidays⚡️The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 11/7/22

What's one principle of yoga you can apply right now before the busy holiday season arrives? Saucha.

Saucha is One of Yogas Niymas

Patanjali gave us the eight limbs of yoga. The second of which is saucha, or cleanliness. This can be interpreted as eating clean, purifying one's speech, or—my favorite—keeping one's environment clean.

I just did this myself, which also helped me incorporate acts of kindness by cleaning out things I don't need but that my friends can use. (Like that cat wheel I bought one year ago that my cats won't use? That's going to a friend who thinks her cat will use it. We'll see...)

Begin decluttering before the holidays with a plan for becoming more minimalist in just 30 days. Do it before all kinds of "stuff" starts finding its way into your house, closets, and garage...

Here's a simple, day-to-day plan that gives you ONE manageable task at a time. Do it over 30 days or even 30 weeks. It's on sale for $3.33!

Ebook: How to Become More Minimalist in 30 Days
A step-by-step guide to becoming more minimalist in just 30 days!In this 30-day guide to minimalism, you will find a quick, easy-to-read format with 30 days of tasks and guidance. You can use it to practice minimalism one day at a time or you can merely scan through for ideas. You don’t have to go i…

How Should You Approach TikTok?

I've written before about B2C content creation and marketing. Now, I'm tackling B2B. There are some good ideas here whether you're B2B, B2C, or both. My main point here is that short-form video platforms are constantly changing but they are the future.

Gone are the days you had to dance on TikTok in order to show up there. Also, you don't really need TikTok.

Isn't that a nice thing? The U.S. government wants to ban it, there's turmoil at Twitter, and the Wall Street Journal reports major layoffs are coming this week to Facebook.

How B2B Marketers Can Respond to the “TikToking” of Everything
Should B2B brands be on TikTok to stay relevant? Heather Larson explains the trends this platform is inspiring and how they influence your B2B audience.

The only constant is change in life. The same is true for content creators. Platforms and trends come and go. What's a content creator to do?

Don't panic. There are several other platforms you can go to if you're tired of Twitter, anti-TikTok, and bored with Facebook.

I'm looking into a few now:

• Tumblr (remember that one?)

• CounterSocial

• Cohost (waiting for my invitation)

• TikTok

• YouTube (for #Shorts)

• Instagram for Reels (which, incidentally are part of Meta, so they end up on Facebook too).

• Bluesky (waiting for the launch)

• Telegram (had it for a while, but rarely log in)

• Mastodon

What will happen with Twitter? Will it bring back Vine and become a better platform? What if Elon buys Facebook too? (Just kidding 😂 I think he's outta cash!?)

This is why we never put all our eggs in one basket as creators. But if you're good with words, Twitter is still your place. If you're great at audio, make podcasts. If video is your strength, pick the short-form video app you like best.

Be ready to pivot.

Don't forget to experiment.

Social media changes become more frightening the bigger your audience gets. Never forget: you don't own your Twitter account (or any of these accounts). You can get booted any day.

In August 2019, my @HeatherLarson Instagram account was memorialized. Someone had reported me DEAD. I wasn't consulted about this; I was locked out with no recourse—and very much still alive.

Perhaps some Heather Larson somewhere was reported to the app to be dead by her family. But this Heather Larson spent weeks working to get it back before growing so frustrated, I decided to kill off @HeatherLarson handles and stop putting my eggs in the Meta basket.

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