🎙 Fearless 5 Podcast Show Notes April 11-15

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Monday 4/11/2022 = #252

Don't Be "That Person" When Starting Out As A Content Creator! Here's The Right Way To Ask For Help Without Wrecking Your Reputation

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Tuesday 4/12/2022 = #253

How To Find Your Niche As A Creator Using Ship 30

New to the ship 🚢 this cohort (April) or just haven't heard of it and why we love it? 

Wednesday 4/13/2022 = #254

Do You Need To Start A Podcast When You're A New Content Creator?

Need? Maybe. Want? Yes! Here's why I still podcast 250+ episodes in. 

Thursday 4/14/2022 = #255

You're Brand New To Twitter & Content Creation—Here's How To "Up Your Engagement" On Twitter + Twitter basics and engagement for beginners!

Twitter is social. You have to be social! Here are some things to look for on Twitter and some tasks to start doing right now on the bird app 🐦 

Friday 4/15/2022 = #256

What Makes Self-Made Millionaires More Successful? The Right Personality—Here's How To Get It.

There are parts of us that can be changed, especially character and mindset.
The only time we'll see my face classing up some fiat.

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