🌟 How to Increase Your Well-Being (And Why You Likely Need To)⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 10/30/23

Fewer than 1/10 workers in the U.S. have holistic well-being... It's my goal as a mind-body wellness practitioner to help you not become a part of that statistic.

I read an article the other day that talked about how fewer than 1/10 workers in the U.S. have holistic well-being, while close to 50% have poor well-being.

This is NOT OK with me!

It's my goal as a mind-body wellness practitioner to help you not become a part of that statistic. So I wrote this blog post 👇

How To Increase Your Well-Being With Yoga, Meditation, & Reiki
⭐️ After you do the Wheel of Balance Exercise, scroll through the ideas below to help spark fuel to work toward better well-being in your areas of career, social financial, physical, and community.

I also realized this weekend that you may not know I have yoga practices available on YouTube, so here they are 👇

Hopefully, these videos can help you with your home practice while I work on some new ones as well as a way to deliver yoga classes online.

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Destiny Architecture® Is 100% Online For Now

Thank you, Wichita!

Thank you for letting me share Reiki sessions and classes with you at White Dove for the past 9 years. Thank you for being a part of the start of my yoga teaching career and showing up to my first 10 yoga classes. Thank you especially to Dale & Helen for making White Dove such a welcoming place for nearly 30 years now.

Destiny Architecture® is 100% online for the moment as I prepare to travel onward. The new site is live with much more to come. For now, this is where you can book distance Reiki & coaching sessions.

Courses and a yoga membership are coming soon! Here are a few pics from "spooky" yoga on Saturday for your mind, body, and SPIRIT 😉 👇

*Notice no candles! I stay asthma-safe when I teach yoga 🧘

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🌟 Catch Me One Last Time for a Spooky Fun Saturday of Yoga & Reiki in Wichita!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 10/23/23
A heartfelt thank you to all who’ve come in for Reiki over the past 9 years that White Dove has been next to Kellogg. You’ve blessed me on my Reiki path and I hope I’ve blessed you too.

The Latest Meditation for Subscribers:

Guided Meditation to Find Peace: Managing Intrusive Thoughts and Rumination
As thoughts arise, try not to engage with them, but rather let them float by like clouds. Easier said than done, right? Just listen and release control and you’ll do just fine!