How to Stay Prepared In Volatile Times: A Quick Guide

How to Stay Prepared In Volatile Times: A Quick Guide

How can one stay prepared to change or pivot during wild times?

You don’t need me to tell you times are a little crazy. What you may need is a gentle nudge—or shove, depending on how stubborn you are. I’ve always been one of those stubborn ones. Well, I used to be.

The 2008 tumult was more than just a time of turbulence for me. I was awakening to my “woo woo” side. But I was also working for a Big Corporation that was failing. I’d jumped on that ship because my own freelance business was sinking in late 2007. Then that Big Corporate ship began to sink. My coworkers and I were furloughed.

Long story short, we survived. But in order for me to survive, I had to make a lot of changes. I was attending Boston University online then, so I didn’t have time for a side hustle. (I had a few anyway, it was a wild time).

Here are the things I know about surviving and turning things around so that you can thrive in times of wild, fast change.

11 Things To Be Proactive About in Unpredictable Times:

1. Your side hustle

2. Your wellness

3. Your self-care

4. Your mindset

5. Pruning expenses

6. Building savings

7. Perfecting your craft

8. Upskilling

9. Networking

10. Writing your resume

11. Following your intuition, you know—those little nudges

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