🌟 Is there a spiritual answer for everything? Yes. Let's get you quitting smoking!⚡️The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 6/5/24

Second, both Reiki and meditation can be tools that can help you in order to quit smoking or any other habit. Let's concentrate on smoking for our purposes today.

🌟 Is there a spiritual answer for everything? Yes. Let's get you quitting smoking!⚡️The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 6/5/24
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In short, yes—Reiki can help you quit smoking. So can yoga. So can meditation. These are different strokes for different folks. As someone who's about to turn 10 years sober off alcohol (no booze since 6/30/13!), let me help you through some habit change with different applications of these tools.

First, I'm not going to get into how yoga helps since I'm not entirely done with yoga teacher training yet. (Notably, my final project is coming soon, so if you LOVE yoga, watch this newsletter carefully if you'd like to be a part of it!)

Second, both Reiki and meditation can be tools that can help you in order to quit smoking or any other habit. Let's concentrate on smoking for our purposes today.

I began smoking cigarettes in 1994; I quit in 2001. I started again in 2015; I quit again in 2019.

What was true in both cases of starting smoking was that I was stressed out.

In 1994, I was a sick, stressed-out teenager with my first taste of freedom. I thought I had "IBS," but what I know now is I really had C-PTSD from living in a stressful home. Not a soul there had a regulated nervous system. (Except maybe my dog!)

In 2015, the stress returned. I was in an existential and financial crisis after leaving the only career I'd known to try a new, low-paid one. I was working overnights and heavily involved with the toxic "recovery community." I wasn't getting the right help at the right time for my problems—and wouldn't until I found yoga once again during a global pandemic.

Funny how it all works, isn't it?

Notable here is that I found yoga in 1996 and carried it with me off and on through life until it "finally stuck" in 2020—when I needed it the most.

Just because we have the tools doesn't mean we're ready to pick them up. Often, we don't realize we hold the keys to the cage. 🔑 🦅

How Meditation Can Help You Quit Smoking

First, I'm not offering a diagnosis or a cure. Reiki & meditation are merely tools. You have to pick them up; You have to do the work. Or, as I say often around here:

YOU are the architect of your own destiny.

So let's start with meditation as a possible foundation in the blueprint for quitting smoking.  

Chronic stress? Lean on meditation.

It helps lower your heart rate by helping you relax. Like yoga, meditation also helps you learn to lean into discomfort. It helps you become more self-aware of those detrimental habits—and why you do them.

Do you ever notice as you take a drag off a cigarette that you ARE DEEP BREATHING?

I get it. Nicotine packs a punch we perceive to be soothing and calming. (In reality, it's not; this chemical has a negative effect on our body from the get-go, which is a separate topic. Google is your friend!)

But what you're doing here is taking a break for deep breathing. You want that nicotine deep in your lungs so you feel its effects faster so you BREATHE DEEPLY.

You can still take a break for deep breathing without cigarettes. A revelation, I know. I had this same one with a therapist once upon a time. 😉

You can also take a break to meditate. I even created this quitting smoking guided meditation for members:

Meditation to Help You Quit Smoking
Heather leads a meditation session and provides affirmations for releasing mental blocks and unconscious attitudes that may contribute to smoking. You’re encouraged to let go of any subconscious beliefs that contributed to the habit and to focus on the benefits of quitting
Use the free trial and try the meditation to help you quit smoking. Play it and practice as many times as it takes! 

How Reiki Helps You Quit Smoking

If you're on the path of Reiki, becoming a practitioner is a deeper path that will bring up what needs to happen in your life. Reiki 2 & 3 got me sober during a period of painful growth!

I think we can agree that growth ain't pretty, honey. 🍯

Reiki, being Source Energy, is going to dive into your physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies to do what needs to be done. Period.

But we can take it a step further!

I haven't talked about healing attunements in ~9 years and it's been a long time since anyone asked for one. But they're always available as part of a Reiki session! Let me explain.

What is a Reiki Healing Attunement?

If you don't know how attunements work in Reiki, they have two purposes.

  1. There are Reiki attunements handed down in person from teacher to student in order to pass on the lineage of Reiki and create new practitioners. This happens during Reiki 1, 2, and 3 classes.
  2. There are also Reiki healing attunements that are done to help you heal yourself. These do NOT hand down the system or symbols of Reiki from the Reiki Master (me) to you. These are done for healing purposes only. They are also done in person.

This is different from lying on the table and passively receiving Reiki, which is what we do most of the time.

(So you can use this in addition to or instead of a Reiki session, just let me know your preference. I recommend starting with the healing attunement, then diving into aura cleansing and a regular Reiki session. I'd like to offer ALL of this for no extra charge this summer and as part of the Reiki Summer Pass).

The Reiki healing attunement puts you in the driver's seat and empowers you to make positive changes in your life. It must be done with your eyes closed, so if this is an issue for you because you're still working through past trauma, please let me know so I can accommodate this.

A healing attunement is for you if you're ready to release a block and/or negative energy.

It's not a guarantee of healing; it begins the path of healing and empowers you to do the work along this journey.

If you're interested in receiving this, please let me know at your next Reiki session!  

I'll See You This Weekend for Reiki at White Dove This Saturday (and again on the Final Saturday)

Chakra-balancing Reiki is set for two dates this month at White Dove in Wichita!

This month, that's June 10 & 24!

Walk-ins are always welcome. White Dove is located at 2947 E. Kellogg (on the frontage road). You can always call us at (316) 262-3683 or email me directly to hold your spot at destinyarchitecture@gmail.com.

Sessions last 25 minutes and cost $40. I accept cash, card, CashApp, and Bitcoin lightning ⚡️ payments.

Ask me about healing attunements at your next in-person Reiki session!

Here's the list of Reiki dates for the rest of Summer 2023!

June: 10 & 24

July: 1, 5, and 29 (we're doing Reiki on my 10th sober birthday!)

August: 12, 26

September: 2, 16, 30

You still have time to pick up the Reiki Summer Pass, but that will be gone by July 15 👇

Summer Reiki Club 2023 $199 — Destiny Architecture
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