🌟Make This Your Summer of Empowerment!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 6/12/23

What does it mean to BE empowered? What does it look like to live an empowered life? What must you become/adopt/obtain in order to empower yourself?

🌟Make This Your Summer of Empowerment!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 6/12/23
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What does it mean to BE empowered?  

What does it look like to live an empowered life?

What must you become/adopt/obtain in order to empower yourself?

What must you release in order to empower yourself?

Take a moment and visualize your life and what it looks like with you at your very BEST, most-empowered self... (Scroll down for a free empowerment worksheet!)

New Moon 🌚 Meditation This Friday at 5:00 (Central) on Zoom!

Last month, we tackled vision boards and basic (non-law-of-attraction) manifestation. This month, we'll look at the free empowerment worksheet I've placed below and be our most empowered selves during the BEST time of the moon cycle 🌙 🌚 🌝 to manifest!

ICYMI last month, I've made the recording free. Remember, the new moon group meditation on Zoom and the weekly guided meditations are for members at just $4.99/month!

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Visit the New Self-Care Page for FREE Downloads

Need to find balance? Is it time to declutter and you don't know where to start (and you aren't into Marie Kondo? 30 books?! Come ON!) Maybe you're ready for that digital detox I mentioned recently...

I created a self-care downloads page to house my free worksheets, guides, and eBooks! I just added a Wheel of Life Balance exercise. It's a few pages long, but this doesn't mean it will take you long to complete.

Add it to your journaling plans this week to find out which areas of your life you're satisfied with and which need work.

Destiny Architecture—where self-care goes beyond the sheet mask and bathtub and into real life. Level up your self-care with any or all of the free downloads below. Get rid of what holds you back, find your balance, and dump what isn’t serving you any longer. Remember: YOU are the

Empower Yourself & Your Goals with this Self-Esteem & Confidence-Building Worksheet

Do you ever feel like you don't have the confidence to go after your dreams?

What if I told you working towards your dreams is exactly what builds self-esteem and confidence?

Start showing up for youself today with this worksheet! It's 10 pages of thought-provoking questions I developed to help you get out of your way, prioritize your dreams, and build confidence along the way.

Empower yourself!

Build confidence and self-esteem on your healing journey while also accomplishing your goals.

Don't put the cart before the horse:

Many think, "I'll accomplish my goals after I build confidence!"

No! You'll actually build confidence and self-esteem by doing the work to accomplish your goals!

Say "yes" to the journey and use this FREE, 10-page PDF worksheet today to outline what you really want—and how you plan to go after it!

🌳 Print it out or download it to an app like Notability or Good Notes to save trees.

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    No Reiki This Weekend—See You Again on the Final Saturday of June! (6/24)

    Chakra-balancing Reiki happens on the final Saturday of each month—with a few extra dates mixed in as I can—at White Dove in Wichita! So there are two more Reiki Saturdays this month:

    Let's meet again at White Dove on June 24!

    Walk-ins are always welcome. White Dove is located at 2947 E. Kellogg (on the frontage road). You can always call us at (316) 262-3683 or email me directly to hold your spot at destinyarchitecture@gmail.com.

    Sessions last 25 minutes and cost $40. I accept cash, card, CashApp, and Bitcoin lightning ⚡️ payments.

    Ask me about aura cleansing and healing attunements!

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    One Badass Charity: The Kansas Honor Flight

    I had the privilege of getting to witness the landing Kansas Honor Flight #95 as we had a family member aboard. (You can welcome the vets home at the ceremony even if you don't have a vet aboard as it's open to the public).

    What an amazing charity the Kansas Honor Flight is! The goal is to give every Kansas veteran the chance to visit their war memorial in Washington, D.C.

    Right now, that means veterans from World War 2, The Korean War, and the Vietnam war are given FREE flights, hotel, a tour—the works! This costs more than $900 per vet.

    These vets were treated like rock stars! (Our family can attest to this). They had the time of their lives, as did the many hard-working volunteers who put the trips together.

    Families get to write letters the vets will receive at their "mail call" during their overnight stay in D.C. We also got to welcome them home after the Honor Flight landed.

    I can't begin to tell you what a moving experience this was for us! I was touched, in tears, and left with a full heart. I was so grateful to get the opportunity just to write a letter to our veteran and welcome them home. I highly recommend you welcome home an Honor Flight if you ever get the chance.

    This Month's New Moon 🌚 Meditation Will Empower You

    Become a member today and you're in for the New Moon Meditation 🧘 🌚 I'm hosting LIVE on Zoom Friday, June 16th from 5-6 PM (Central).

    We'll be meditating on empowerment (because June is a very empowering month!)

    See the free download above that we'll be using to ask some powerful questions to build self-esteem and confidence. The download this month is free but the LIVE group meditation itself is part of the membership at DestinyArchitecture.net.

    Here's what you get as a member for only $4.99/month:

    The Reiki Summer Pass is Available Through July 15!

    I'm always trying to make Reiki simpler and more accessible! This Reiki Summer Pass is new for Summer 2023 and only availabe through July 15—get six sessions for just $199!

    Summer Reiki Club 2023 $199 — Destiny Architecture
    Join the summer Reiki Club for 2023! Get 6 Reiki sessions, a $240 value, for just a one-time payment of $199. Save money this summer while keeping your focus on self-care, your spiritual path, and the healing journey you’re on. Good for six Reiki sessions at 25 min each between June 3-September 22

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    There is nothing wrong with you if you're watching TV with subtitles on! Here's why:

    Why Is Everyone Watching TV With the Subtitles On?
    It’s not just you.

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