Side Hustle 101: How To Move Past Biggest Mistake You'll Make ⚡️ The Blueprint for 4/18/22

You don't want "an easy side hustle" to "just make extra money each month."

You think you do.

But this isn't what you really want.

If you're like me, what you really want is to earn more than you are right now while working on your own terms (remotely, freelance, solopreneur).

It took me SIX YEARS to get there. Let me save you some time! Because all those "easy side hustles" or "extra money monthly" gigs will keep you stuck. They are distractions!

Invest in something meaningful instead.

Because when you look for "easy" or "just a little extra," you end up thinking too small. This is how you get sucked into spending too much time on low-paying jobs, MLMs, food delivery, UpWork, Fiverr.... etc. I know because I did it!

Knowing What I Know Now?

I'd double down on pushing for the BIG gigs, upskill, and network my ass off!

When you first get into side hustling, it's so tempting to feel like a smorgasbord of opportunity is opening up to you. But pace yourself. Seek the right opportunities. Do it by evaluating what you really want.

How Do You Evaluate What You Really Want?

There are ways to do this through yoga principles and life coaching exercises, so let's do one!

Obviously, I can't coach through a newsletter or a blog post, but I can open you up to the idea of doing exercises like this. These are my tricks! 😉

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Let's start with an obvious question:

What would try if you knew you could not fail?

I mean sure, I'd be FloJo in the 1980s (Google it) but that's not realistic. The answer? Something like:

"I'd run my own business!"
"I'd open my own agency!"

Both of those are great. But can we get more specific?

"I would work from home, making my own schedule, 4 days a week, 8-10 hours a day with 2-4 hours of that for deep work, and I'd travel 6 months out of the year!"

Excellent in specificity! I salute you if that is possible for you right now. But if you're like me, that's not a Day One Goal.

Here's how to find clarity, declare your Day One Goal, and obtain it!

Let's look at a Day One Goal!

We're going to take a friend of mine as an example.

The Scruffy Druid is an amazing creative writer and artist in the DnD space. She's a fierce Dungeon Master and a longtime player of the game. Another DnD artist commissioned her to collaborate on a standee. (I have no idea what this is, but I'm going to include a picture for the cool DnD kids, so don't @ me, I'm trying!)

You can follow @TheScruffyDruid and @MischiArt for more DnD & Twitch & Gaming & awesomeness!

Isn't this amazing? This is The Scruffy Druid's first piece of art, all printed out and bound into amazingness for others to enjoy! I'm so proud!

This is her achieving her Day One Goal!

This is the first thing she's done. She wants to write, create, and do Dungeon Master (DM) things! Her Day One Goal wasn't, "Oh, I'm going to dominate the DnD space and make $4K a week with 100 customers a month!"

That's not where you start.

You begin with one thing. You learn to do it well. You pour yourself into what it is, your processes, finding out what to charge, finding out what your ideal customers want, and where to find more of those people who LOVE what you do as rabid fans.

For me, that was Reiki in 2014

For email subscribers only, here's how I made offering Reiki sessions & classes my Day One Goal 👇

Day One Goal: Let's Recap

Make a realistic goal and do what you gotta do. Begin with that one thing and pour yourself into it and perfect it. I spent a lot of time back then perfecting the You Deserve Reiki blog and flyers, like the perfect flyer would make my business grow!

If I had to do it all over again...

I'd spend less time on the graphics, more time on...I don't know. Looking at those old blog posts now? They could have been so much better! I did great at grabbing emails! But not so great at follow-up and networking. I also would have taken my business online prior to 2020, but that's another story!

If you're still here from one of those original Reiki sessions or classes at White Dove, thank you so much! YOU made a big difference for 8 years now!

Where You Start Isn't Where You'll Stay

Oh, the places you'll go!

Don't get too married to whatever concept you're starting with right now. I promise it will change as you grow.

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-Heather Larson, Certified Coach & Reiki Master

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