I'm so grateful for YOU!⚡️The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 1/30/23

It's been a crazy, long road over the years and I'm just going to practice the Reiki precept of gratitude today. This week's newsletter is about gratitude, doing the right thing, and giving back.

Reiki Day Went Well on Saturday at White Dove! 🙏 Thanks for coming out!

Save the date for February 25 when we'll practice LOVING our chakras and their infinite wisdom. ❤️

You can even hold your place on 2/25 by booking online and paying ahead.

But before we get too far ahead, let's take a quick look back at how far we've come...

Before there was Destiny Architecture, there was a little, tiny business on a shoestring I started when I still worked in radio. I called it "You Deserve Reiki," because my early clients seemed to place themselves on the back burner.

They wanted to take time for Reiki but said they felt they didn't deserve to take time out for it...

With every experience, I got better. I bought the above sign so I could attend a fair.

Back then, I thought signs, graphics, and business cards would be vital to my small business success. But they weren't! Instead, they were early mistakes I made—along with a very horrible blog that amounted to nothing more than a stream of ads.

Fortunately for me, social media became trendy and beefed up my creativity. I had ideas; social media gave me a place to put them. As time went by, I became better at things. I made better graphics. I got past my love of signs and business cards when I saw little return on them.

I left radio for the addiction field and became a sober coach. Eventually, that led to my choice to become a transformational life coach rather than "just" a sober coach. That led to putting up my coaching website, which made me want to work on its SEO and marketing...

I had no idea what I was doing but I was determined to learn!

I learned so much about marketing and social media that these are things I do now for a living! I'm able to freelance and take on only projects I love while working for only people I admire. The best part?

I still have time to offer coaching and Reiki sessions!

When I first started coaching, Instagram was pretty hot. I definitely wanted to be a coach-influencer in the beginning. I thought that was the measure of success. 🤣

Now, I'm pretty happy getting to work from home, make my own hours, work with amazing clients, and I get to be creative every day. I no longer have to work the long hours or six-day weeks I hated in radio (or TV). I no longer face the dangers I did in the addiction field—or the low pay.

For the entire month of February, Dale is celebrating 29 years of White Dove serving Wichita! As a thank-you to the community, Dale is offering 10% off of everything all month long at White Dove, 2947 E. Kellogg! 

I didn't forget where I came from and I never will.

I saw an injustice during the month of January and had to call it out. I contacted my friend Pilar at my old station, KAKE, because I knew she was the best person to tell the story about how a local utility company and social aid program are clawing back aid funds from the poorest people in this community.

‘I’ve never actually seen this happen’: Kansans raising concerns over LiEAP funds
Some Kansans are seeing their utility bills jump this month, 5, 6 even 7 times the amount they usually pay. And it’s happening to those who can least afford to pay their bills.

I worked my way up from nothing two years ago and I'm proud to say I can pay this bill today—even if it's wrong that I've been charged this in the first place. Not everyone is able to "make it" regardless of the amount of time that's passed since receiving aid.

To be honest, it will take more than two years for some people. This is why it isn't effective to compare ourselves to others. It's never too late to try something new. I'll always be glad I took a chance on starting a business with nothing back in 2014 as a young Reiki Master with ZERO business experience. While I didn't become an Instagram-famous ReikI Master (😆) I gained so much more.

That's how my love of online content creation and marketing began. Reiki led to eventual coaching (another long story). It truly was the catalyst to get me to where I am today.

This spring, I'll be teaching meditation to some young people who have bright futures ahead of them and I can't wait! I'm so blessed to have a chance to give back to my community. I was a rough kid, so if I can help just one young person find a useful skill in meditation, then I'm doing my job! 

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I'm at an age where I'm collecting all the info on anti-aging that I can. 🤞 (I'm also planning to be extremely elderly and active! I'll be doing yoga and crocheting baby blankets in my hundreds). This article stood out to me because I always look at how many ingredients a packaged food has. I avoid the ones with paragraphs of ingredients. (Look, a gal needs a gluten-free cookie now and then). Here, we learn about steering clear of foods with more than 10 ingredients. Genius! 🧠

Why it’s INFLAMMATION that makes your body age and how to stop it
When our bodies encounter too many chemicals, our defence systems can malfunction, and this results in inflammation.

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