🌟 Here's to New Beginnings!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture® Blueprint 3/4/24

What new and wonderful things, feelings, opportunities, choices, people, and places are you manifesting for this upcoming New Moon? 🌚 🌑 🌙

🌟 Here's to New Beginnings!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture® Blueprint 3/4/24

What new and wonderful things, feelings, opportunities, choices, people, and places are you manifesting for this upcoming New Moon? 🌚 🌑 🌙

Destiny Architecture® Online & in Phoenix, Arizona at Urban Wellness

I'm writing this on 3/3 (an auspicious day) as I settle into my new space at Urban Wellness in Phoenix.

What is all the fuss about 3? 3/3? 333?

3 = The Ascended Masters are near...They responded to your prayers and are here to help. 🙏

33 = The Ascended Masters are here to help you with your mission. I think of 33 as the "Jesus number" to represent the time this Ascended Master spent on Earth, having stepped into human history officially for that duration. 🙏🙏🙏

I'll be offering Reiki sessions, Reiki classes, private meditation instruction, private yoga instruction, and coaching here, in this space, at Urban Wellness in Phoenix ⬇️

⭐️ This is where the healing / crying / screaming into the void / chakra balancing / meditation / manifestation / prayer / Reiki / intuition /snoring / snoozing / sleeping / resting / growing / evolving / happens ⭐️

Destiny Architecture® Upcoming Events in Phoenix

I'm offering a New Moon 🌚 Meditation & Manifestation Practice in person for the first time!

New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice | Heather Larson | Destiny Architecture®
Enjoy a healing and transformative New Moon 🌚 Meditation & Manifestation practice at Urban Wellness. I’ll lead you in setting intentions and then meditating them into being. You’ll receive a free digital journal to write down your intentions and log your practice through the next moon 🌕 cycle. Pay what feels good; no one turned away. *Meet in the Urban Wellness front lobby. 🙏

Reiki 1 Class Starts 4/7 in Phoenix ⬇️

Reiki 1 Class April 7, 14, 21, 28 from 11:00 - 1:00 | Heather Larson | Destiny Architecture®
Reiki 1 is the start of your Reiki journey and will give you the knowledge and practice you need to practice Reiki on yourself and those close to you. This is an excellent skill to have as a caregiver. Reiki is also great for self-care. You’ll learn a self-Reiki practice in class along with meditation techniques. This is the most basic level of Reiki. Class will be a combination of academic instruction and hands-on (literally) practice over 4 Sundays. Each class will last two hours. You will receive your Reiki 1 attunement during the 4th class.Join Reiki Master Heather Larson for a 4-week Reiki Class on Sundays in April to learn Usui Reiki 1 (The Western Style of Reiki).Class meets Sundays April 7, 14, 21, and 28 from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm.You get: 8 hours of Reiki instruction & practice. Physical bookDigital Journal Free access to the online community (learn Reiki boundaries, discuss Reiki with like minds & Heather)Free access to the online course with practice videos to help you build your skills Gassho meditation Journal about experiences Byosen scanning practice How to practice a standard treatment on loved ones (all hand positions)How to listen to Reiki and move beyond the standard hand positions Kenyoku Hayashi healing guide Daily self-treatment plan Clearing your space Supplemental handoutsPrepared for a monthly Reiki share on the Final Sunday. (limited to 5 spots, so must RSVP, suggested love offering $5-10 but no one turned away)If you’re unable to pay the $200 class fee upfront, please email me at destinyarchitecture@gmail.com. I’ll send an invoice for a deposit of $75 needed by March 21 to hold your spot in class; final $125 is due the day of class.

After the first cohort graduates from Reiki 1, I will hold a Reiki share the following Sunday. This will give new students a chance to practice Reiki 1 skills. This Reiki share is open to all, but space is limited.

People often tell me they took a Reiki class at one point and "didn't do anything with it." Consider this your invitation to get back in—no matter how long it's been.

Here's the info on the Reiki Share for May 5 👇

Reiki Share for Reiki Practitioners of ALL Levels | Heather Larson | Destiny Architecture®
Sunday, May 5, I will host my first Reiki share at Urban Wellness! All Reiki practitioners are invited. (This will help the Reiki 1 graduating class that will complete their course on Sunday, April 28, but you’re welcome if you didn’t attend the class). This will be an all-level Reiki share for all who want to practice Reiki skills. Reiki shares can be very powerful because everyone is bringing their energy to the room and to the person lying on the table. Each person will take turns giving and receiving Reiki. You can practice Byosen scanning, crystal healing, hand placement, and working with chakras. (Or anything else that comes up!) I’m asking for a “pay what feels good” type of “love offering,” however, no one will be turned away.

Destiny Architecture® Upcoming Events Online

Yes, I am still offering an online, asynchronous New Moon 🌚 Meditation and Manifestation Practice on DestinyArchitecture.net. The cost is a $4.99/mo subscription that also grants you access to all 50+ pre-recorded audio and video meditations. (Including past New Moon meditations).

This is for you if you can't attend in person in Phoenix. 🏜️

It's also for you if you're in Phoenix but want access to the ever-evolving manifestation journal & previously recorded meditations.

It's my goal to continue to be able to serve my Wichita clientele online while creating a new community in Phoenix.

I offer a monthly New Moon Meditation & Manifestation practice for $5/mo and access to 50+ guided audio meditations. I also offer private meditation instruction.

Reiki 1 Class Bonuses—FREE For ALL!

I'm sharing information to help all Reiki practitioners.

I wanted to create a free course that would teach you a little bit about Reiki so that you can decide if this is the right path for you or not.

I also wanted a way to hand out bonus content to Reiki 1 students.

Finally, I wanted a way to help beginners along the Reiki path. So I created this course. I'll be adding to it over time. Let me know if you have any questions I can answer!

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Last week's newsletter ⬇️ 

🌵 Now Booking at Urban Wellness in Downtown Phoenix + Reiki 1 Class Starts 4/7
I’ll be offering Reiki sessions, Reiki classes, private meditation instruction, private yoga instruction, coaching—and combinations of all of the above! 🧘

A guided meditation for anxiety...

Access 50+ guided audio meditations to enjoy at your own pace by becoming a member. You’ll also receive a monthly new moon manifestation meditation—complete with a 69-page manifestation journal. I combine meditation with a manifestation practice you can enjoy asynchronously under the new moon as your schedule allows. 

A Guided Meditation to Help With Anxiety
Join us for an 18-minute guided meditation that will help you deal with anxiety. First, learn about meditation and tools for anxiety, then enjoy relaxing meditation music starting at 13:39. Finish with 3 minutes of music fade at the end.

Join me on NOSTR!

NPUB: npub1nl8r463jkdtr0qu0k3dht03jt9t59cttk0j8gtxg9wea2russlnq2zf9d0

Learn to Meditate in The Self-Guided Course

Learn how to meditate on your own time with my online course, Meditation for Beginners. This course has everything you need to begin meditating right now and build your practice. 

Relax and Balance Your Chakras With Distance Reiki

Book a private 30-minute Distance Reiki session or private mediation session online. No matter where you are in this world, I’m happy to be of service to help you relax and find peace.

Take a Deep Dive with Bundles

Get the best of all worlds with a bundle for coaching + meditation + Reiki! Take the plunge with a 12-week wellness program for greater peace & clarity in your life. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at destinyarchitecture [at] gmail [dot] com.

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