🌟 It's Time for a Fresh Start!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture® Blueprint 3/10/24

Free meditation, journal, and music inside!

🌟 It's Time for a Fresh Start!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture® Blueprint 3/10/24
Few things are as majestic as fresh snapdragons in an Arizona desert during spring. 🌸 🌺 🌹

Ahhhhh, the new moon 🌚 has come and we head back toward the part of the cycle where the moon 🌕 will be full once again.

This is why I lead new moon meditations. It's a good time to build the new and be conscious of the cycle. I sent out an email ahead of the new moon on Friday night (the new moon was yesterday). I didn't want you to miss the chance to meditate and manifest under these fertile energies.

But it's not too late! You can still spend 19 minutes on this exercise (and it's free). 👇

New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice March 2024
Unleash Your Intentions: New Moon Meditation & Manifestation Practice in March 2024
Arizona Spring... 🌸

Now Booking at Urban Wellness for Reiki, Meditation, Private Yoga, and Coaching

I'm all set up and ready to get to work with you on increasing your mind-body wellness.

This week, let's highlight what a Reiki session is and how it works.

❤️‍🩹 Reiki is a traditional Japanese hands-on energy technique that relaxes you and promotes healing.

First, book a session time online.

Arrive (at the above door) and be ready to release your phone, email, and responsibilities. Time to relax!

We'll meet for a few minutes before your session so I can find out what you're seeking & experiencing. You'll then lie on the table during your session (fully clothed) while I channel Reiki energy to you.

(I also work with the angelic energies of Seraph Adalian).

Important: I don't have to lay hands physically on you for the Reiki to work. It is always an option for you to receive no touch at all, especially if you are a trauma survivor.

Sessions can be 30 minutes or 1 hour.

All is welcome on the Reiki table. Cry, laugh, sleep, snore—it's all good. It's your healing time. I always focus on the chakras and what your physical aches and pains tells me.

The Destiny Architecture® Blueprint is brought to you this week by Natural Shilajit.

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🌟 Here’s to New Beginnings!⚡️ The Destiny Architecture® Blueprint 3/4/24
What new and wonderful things, feelings, opportunities, choices, people, and places are you manifesting for this upcoming New Moon? 🌚 🌑 🌙

Meditations for Subscribers

Guided Meditation to Balance Your Chakras
In this meditation, you’ll practice with your chakras and use visualization as a meditation technique to relax and increase balance in your energy body.

This Week's Wavlake Music Chart

I'm going to be sharing more often about Value For Value (#V4V) and all the goodness that awaits you in the world of Bitcoin & Nostr. For now, just for funsies, let me introduce you to Wavlake.

I listen to music there every day. Rather than paying a subscription fee to listen as I would on Apple or Spotify, it's free to listen. When I like a song, I send a "zap" ⚡️ aka a Bitcoin micropayment.

When I like a song, I can literally give the artist "my 2 cents" about it. Artists are already making more money in this way than they ever did on Spotify! 👏

Here are the top tracks from February 2024 on Wavlake 👇

Join me on NOSTR! NPUB: npub1nl8r463jkdtr0qu0k3dht03jt9t59cttk0j8gtxg9wea2russlnq2zf9d0

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Access 50+ guided audio meditations to enjoy at your own pace by becoming a member. You’ll also receive a monthly new moon manifestation meditation—complete with a 69-page manifestation journal. I combine meditation with a manifestation practice you can enjoy asynchronously under the new moon as your schedule allows. 

Learn how to meditate on your own time with my online course, Meditation for Beginners. This course has everything you need to begin meditating right now and build your practice. 

Book a private 30-minute Distance Reiki session or private mediation session online. No matter where you are in this world, I’m happy to be of service to help you relax and find peace.

Get the best of all worlds with a bundle for coaching + meditation + Reiki! Take the plunge with a 12-week wellness program for greater peace & clarity in your life. 

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at destinyarchitecture [at] gmail [dot] com.

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