Best of Summer 🌟 Labor Day ⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 9/5/22

You're probably taking the day off from everything (as I am) so let's recap the BEST of summer of 2022!

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When Done Right, YouTube #Shorts Can Get You Instant ROI On Your Efforts

But what about TikTok? Here are some TikTok tips for video creators 👇

VaynerMedia’s TikTok Secrets⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint for 6/13/22
TL; DR • The Destiny Architecture Podcast with Ken Moskowitz: TikTok Secrets From VaynerMedia! • Podcast show notes • ICYMI: Writing successful Tweets, Medium posts, and dangerous beliefs. • Reiki is Back at White Dove in Wichita on June 25! The Destiny Architecture Podcast with Ken Moskowitz:…

If you want the transcript of the above, here you go ⬇️  

All About TikTok and Gary V: The Transcription of the Destiny Architecture Podcast
This podcast has current information on TikTok that will give you tips on how to start out on TikTok. You’ll even become a better TikTok creator if you’re already there but trying to gain traction. This is the full transcript of the Destiny Architecture podcast you see here: Heather Larson

[AUDIO VERSION] The Destiny Architecture Podcast with Ken Moskowitz: TikTok Secrets From VaynerMedia

Ken gives us the inside track on what he learned about how to succeed on TikTok from the very agency that has the BEST insights on TikTok—because it's the agency of record.

ICYMI: Stuff to Read

I’m not here to feed the trolls

This summer, I brought Reiki back to White Dove, and made it more affordable.

Broke my daily shipping streak at 190. 💥 That was in June, here are the lessons I learned from writing online daily for six months 👇

My Break From Daily Shipping Was Only A Redirect ⬇️

If I Had To Do Content Creation, Blogging, and Organic Marketing for My Own Small Business All Over Again...

Discovered the massive organic reach of YouTube Shorts (June was amazing)

Over the past 28 days years, my YouTube channel has gotten 19K+ views and 39 new subscribers 👇

Learn how Reiki is performed by a Reiki Master.

Can life coaches give advice? The answer to this is a little long, so I wrote a blog ⬇️

Can Life Coaches Give Advice?
The answer is no. Life coaches can’t give you advice on how to change your life. Why would we? If you think a life coach is someone who sprinkles magical fairy dust on you, tells you what to do, how to do it, and then sends you on your

Try this very simple yogic breathing technique to help reduce stress: "Box Breathing" or Sama Vritti 🧘‍♀️

The cold truth about pursuing your goals 🧵👇

FREE worksheets ⬇️

Master the art of goal setting

8 easy asks to declutter your life

Need to declutter for fall?

I spend time seasonally decluttering, but I can de-clutter any day of the year. If you want a 30-day plan, take a look at my very first ebook. In it, I share how minimalism helped me become more organized, productive and less stressed.

In this eBook, I share my methods in an easy simple to follow 30-day plan (or binge-read this in a weekend). It's on sale for only $3.33!

Ebook: How to Become More Minimalist in 30 Days
A step-by-step guide to becoming more minimalist in just 30 days!In this 30-day guide to minimalism, you will find a quick, easy-to-read format with 30 days of tasks and guidance. You can use it to practice minimalism one day at a time or you can merely scan through for ideas. You don’t have to go i…
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Online Life Coaching For Content Creators
Are you new to content creation? Maybe you’re unsure where to start. Maybe you’re unsure what to do and how to do it. Maybe you’re operating on a shoestring (for both money & time) I sure was in 2016! As a new online content creator, there are lots

That's a lot! It was a busy summer. I hope you enjoy reading everything. A new episode of the Destiny Architecture podcast is coming soon!

Until then, if you want some coaching, or want to learn more about how personal development, Reiki, yoga, and mediation can help you with content creation, read this.

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