🌟 The Best $2.50 You'll Spend On Yourself This Year⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 5/8/23

It's a great time to bump up from being a free newsletter reader to a member of this site as the first New Moon 🌚 Meditation will take place this month, Thursday, May 18 from 7:30-8:30 PM. So it's a good time to have a half-off sale for your first month of membership—just $2.50.

🌟 The Best $2.50 You'll Spend On Yourself This Year⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 5/8/23
You can subscribe on Apple, Spotify, or via my site (for the most benefits); details below. 

Is it OK to fall asleep during meditation? And just how do I edit those guided meditations anyway? I don't, but my cats do! Just kidding...or am I? Scroll down for the answer...

It's a great time to bump up from being a free newsletter reader to a member of this site as the first New Moon 🌚 Meditation will take place this month, Thursday, May 18 from 7:30-8:30 PM.

So it's a good time to have a half-off sale for your first month of membership—just $2.50.

You're coming to the New Moon Meditation, right? 🌚 It's online via Zoom so you can attend from anywhere. We'll meditate for 20 minutes together as I lead a guided meditation.

The new moon 🌚 is a time to set intentions, so we'll do a brief manifestation exercise after the meditation. I'll share some vision board ideas and a download you can keep in your Google Workspace. (I've scheduled the call for a full hour to allow time for Q&A).

Here are more details 👇

Announcing a ✨ New✨ Monthly New Moon 🌚 Meditation Group!
Starting this month, subscribers will be invited to a monthly group meditation held on (or as close as possible to) each month’s New Moon. For May, this will be Thursday, May 18 from 7:30-8:30 PM via Zoom.
Join us! 

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I'm excited to be able to share my Reiki & meditation expertise with you and begin growing a community of meditators who are on the spiritual path! Please join us! 

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Q: Is it OK if I Fall Asleep While Meditating or Practicing Reiki?


I get this question often. If you've had a Reiki session with me, you know it's OK to fall asleep on the Reiki table (and snore, fart, cry, etc., because it's YOUR time for YOUR healing; I just channel Reiki!)

I've fallen asleep in every morning meditation I've done for two weeks now. (Even though I meditate in the morning so that I don't fall asleep, haha). I don't fall asleep doing yoga, so now I do that first thing when I wake up and meditate after...in hopes I don't snooze.

What does it mean if you fall asleep when you meditate?

It means you need rest. So take it! REST! I always need more sleep around the time of the full moon. 🌕 But regulating my nervous system has been a struggle lately due to construction noise where I live. (And other noise, as you'll read below).

Don't question it; when your body signals that it needs more rest, you may not be aware of why. Just let it happen. In meditation, we ideally calm down and go within. This creates an ideal safe space for the nervous system, we let go, and we fall asleep.

There are times I fall asleep during meditation or yoga nidra and times I don't. I used to judge myself harshly for this—and there's absolutely no logical reason to do that.

If you don't want to fall asleep during meditation, try a different position, like sitting up. I find I'm more likely to fall asleep if I'm laying on my yoga mat, laying in bed, or relaxing in a chair.

You can also meditate at a time of day when you have the most energy. Or, set a timer so that an alarm goes off in order to prevent you from sleeping. Another option is...to be OK with falling asleep. 😉 Your meditation practice isn't "less than" because of it and neither are you.

Here's a BTS Look at How the Guided Meditations Are Edited

Join me for Reiki Sessions in Wichita May 20 & 27

Chakra-balancing Reiki happens on the final Saturday of each month—with a few extra dates mixed in as I can—at White Dove in Wichita!

I'll be off this next weekend, and then back on the last two Saturdays of May—the 20th and 27th! (More here on May's Reiki dates and the New New Moon 🌚 Meditation).

Walk-ins are always welcome. White Dove is located at 2947 E. Kellogg (on the frontage road). You can call us at (316) 262-3683 or email me directly to hold your spot at destinyarchitecture@gmail.com.

Sessions last 25 minutes and cost $40. I accept cash, card, CashApp, and Bitcoin lightning ⚡️ payments.

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Reiki Gift Cards Now In Store

Just in time for graduations, summer holidays, and other occasions—Reiki gift cards are in store. Your fortunate recipient can be in Wichita or anywhere in the world. Each digital gift card is $40 and good for either Distance Reiki (Enkaku Chiryo) or in-person Reiki. (You can gift yourself, too!)

Gift Card: Reiki Session $40 — Destiny Architecture
This digital gift card is good for an in-person or Distance Reiki session with Reiki Master Heather Larson. You’ll enter the recipient’s name and email address at checkout for effortless gift giving. Must be used before 12-31-23.

5 Reasons to Start Working with a Life Coach (Me!) For Summer 2023

It's always a good time to begin a coaching journey. 😉 But summer can be slow, giving us all a little time for introspection. Here are my top 5 reasons to begin working with a life coach like me over the summer.

  1. Summer tends to be a season of renewal and rejuvenation, a time when people feel more open to change and new possibilities.
  2. The slower pace of summer allows for more time and space to reflect on one's goals and priorities, which is an essential part of the life coaching process.
  3. It's always a good time to tap into your inner wisdom and access the tools and resources you need to make positive changes in your life. A coach helps you do that.
  4. Some people have careers with lighter loads over the summer, like teachers—making this the perfect time to spend more time on yourself and create a brighter future by changing habits, beliefs, and mindset.  
  5. Working with a certified life coach, Reiki Master, and meditation teacher (like me) can help you tap into your inner wisdom and access the tools and resources you need to make positive changes in your life.

If you're ready to make your move, here's more info.

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🌟 Reiki Dates for May & a New Group Meditation⚡️ The Destiny Architecture Blueprint 5/1/23
First of all, Reiki causes no harm and requires consent. It doesn’t deplete me to channel it to you. It also won’t come to you if you don’t allow it. Here are a few of Reiki’s benefits.

The Latest Meditation for Subscribers is FREE:

See what happened was...

Between construction 🚧 and my careless neighbor's chirping smoke alarm, it was almost impossible to record this week's guided meditation for subscribers.

Then, I realized it was a teachable moment!

Nowhere in the yoga sutras (that I've found so far) does it say, "Conditions must be perfect in order to meditate." What the sutras DO say is that we must go within and endeavor to quiet the fluctuations of the mind. 👇

A Meditation for When Everything is F*cked Up
Here’s the thing: your practices are going to suck sometimes. There will be noise, hurt, or stress that makes it hard to meditate. You may be over capacity and wondering HOW meditation can possibly help.

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Spring cleaning for body, mind, and soul—courtesy of one of my alma maters, the Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts (SWIHA).

How about a spring cleaning from the digital noise? I have tips on that in this free digital detox download.

Rolling Stone has put together a list of this year's top content creators.

Did you know—not every body is meant to do every single yoga pose!?! It's true! This can prevent injury and boost your self-esteem. No one can (or should) be doing all yoga poses. Every body is different. You'll also be able to do different poses at different points in your life...which is a whole 'nother story!

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